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All my digital art is avalible at http://zerocomedy.com/DigitalArt/series1new1.html cheak it out
So i know i posted it a while ago and alot of people said they liked it so i wanted to remind everyone to go to zerocomedy.com for all your important tech news thanx Zero
i am learning python and i have a website called zerocomedy.com and i was woundering how to exicute python sqripts in htnl [ 02-05-2002: Message edited by: Imacgrav ]

ok so i am the webmaster for this site and i was woundering if anyone had any suggessions now that i changed all the spelling misstakes
O found this great comedy tech news site zerocomedy.com
I found this halarius new site called zerocomedy.com
So when is it coming now that the evil company have takin it over
Does anyone know how much space m-net.arbornet.org the ftp site gives you and if you can get more??
Where can I get the free updater?? apple hasent made it clear where i can get it and nether have u people
I know 10.1 is new but now apple isnt coming out with anything for 10.0.4 like itunes 2 only for 10.1 [Skeptical] [Skeptical] [Skeptical]
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