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 I have noticed a slight lag on my iPhone 6 after upgrading. When clicking an icon like mail, it pauses for very split second before responding and then launching. There is also some lag scrolling around the home page and I noticed some judder on FaceBook when scrolling and some other apps; Pulse, News republic and The Guardian. Maybe they just need to update their apps to adjust, but my very first impression is that it is not quicker on what is effectively the most recent...
 No I disabled everything. My iPad 3 isn't bricked or useless, but it can be painfully slow especially on Safari. My wife's iPad 2 is far worse. Funnily enough she just asked me about 10 mins ago when she can get the "new iOS" - she's never cared about updates or anything until she accidentally went to iOS8. And honestly, the iPad 2 performance is really woeful on iOS8... on 7 it was pretty good, and on 6 it really flew. The problem is Apple really wants to report than 90%...
 Being on the fence and being unsure mean the same thing! Anyway, yes there will very likely be demo units in Apple Stores, there's usually at least one even in smaller stores. I cut the cord to cable in 2009 and use my ATV for all my TV viewing (or iPad if I'm in bed) and will take the plunge. I'm more excited about this than anything else they announced this year.
My wife updated to iOS 8 on her iPad2 a few weeks ago (she got fed up of being nagged about the update) and now spends all her time yelling at it because it's so slow and constantly crashes. The biggest issue is the message 'this webpage encountered and error and so was reloaded'.   I've been suffering with iOS8 on my iPad 3 since it came out, so have got used to how awful the experience is, but we're both hoping iOS 9 is a little better.
 I hate the idea of Facebook as much as any other rationale human being, but your comment isn't applicable to a good chunk of people who now use it. I'm in my mid-40's, have worked and lived in a dozen countries, have met hundreds of interesting people in my life so far, and whether I like it or not, FB is so ubiquitous that staying in touch with someone I became friends with 10 years ago but is now 4,000 miles away is relatively easy. My 'news feed' is not full of...
 The MBA is the best selling Mac... by miles. What a ridiculous post.
 It is good, but I really wish Apple didn't blank out the four letter words. It's so jarring.
I've also noticed this with Mr Robot. It seems that regular cable shows are censored, but HBO and Showtime shows are not. This is a strange policy.
Many of the episodes available on Hulu are not available on Hulu Plus... now there's something that makes no fuggin sense.
Isn't it amazing the amount of crap posted on these forums, and you can't even get a single reply to a problem that seems to be plaguing almost everyone. Unfortunately people are so focused on the free streaming music and how well it compares to Spotify, to notice that some of their downloaded iTunes music and all of their previously 'matched' music mysteriously disappeared from their device. I guess people don't buy anything these days.   So, the same thing happened to...
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