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 The MBA is the best selling Mac... by miles. What a ridiculous post.
 It is good, but I really wish Apple didn't blank out the four letter words. It's so jarring.
I've also noticed this with Mr Robot. It seems that regular cable shows are censored, but HBO and Showtime shows are not. This is a strange policy.
Many of the episodes available on Hulu are not available on Hulu Plus... now there's something that makes no fuggin sense.
Isn't it amazing the amount of crap posted on these forums, and you can't even get a single reply to a problem that seems to be plaguing almost everyone. Unfortunately people are so focused on the free streaming music and how well it compares to Spotify, to notice that some of their downloaded iTunes music and all of their previously 'matched' music mysteriously disappeared from their device. I guess people don't buy anything these days.   So, the same thing happened to...
 What's "MAC"? Is that an acronym for something? Macintosh Apple Computer, maybe? or Must Add Capitals?
 It should be... although it was posted a little late for that. As for this: In terms of content Apple is expected to offer a "skinny" bundle of channels, including major ones but omitting more niche content. Translation: In terms of content Apple is expected to offer a bundle of channels of awful content you'd never want to watch, including "Gawping at the Kardashians, American's Stupidest Drivers, Alabama's Dumbest Cops, and California's Flakiest Friends, ones but...
 HBO content is top notch, although it does seem high compared to Netflix which has it's own premium content. I will definitely pay it.
 As someone who works on Wall St, I can tell you no one was saying Samsung would kill Apple. No one at all... just because Gizmodo says something, doesn't mean it's true. Apple's stock underperform historically has had more to do with investment strategies on the institutional side of the market, not because Wall St is shunning it.
This exactly - Gene Munster has got pretty much everything wrong since 2011, so I wouldn't believe anything he said. If Huberty from Moran Stanley says something about this, I'd take it more seriously. On topic, if Apple come out with an electric car, they'd be competing with Tesla and maybe they'd get a good chunk of that market, which is less than 1% of the entire market. Of course they'd have all the same problems Telsa have. Setting up charging stations all across the...
New Posts  All Forums: