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 And that's all great, but really we should't have to wait an entire version to get some the bugs fixed. There are a LOT , at least for Apple.
 Not really - but people seem to think it would magically transform single threaded applications into perfectly balance multi-threaded applications. It doesn't. What it does is balance thread load more evenly depending on demand, so they're more dynamic. Before GCD, it was possible (and often happened) than mutliple threads or instances would end up on one core (see countless Logic Pro threads about 5 instruments sitting on one core choking it, and 4 cores doing nothing) -...
 Your number above shows that tripling the core count actually makes each core around 84% efficient. Adding a 4th core would likely reduce that further, so you'd be lucky to hit 5800 I would think. Then doubling that again would likely further reduce the per-core performance, so nowhere near 12,000 - maybe more like 9,000, which is still only barely half the speed of the i7. All of this using a synthetic benchmark specifically designed to show multi-core performance, and...
This isn't going to happen.   OK, so let's say the A10X is equivalent of somewhere between an Atom and an i3 chip (now). Right now, all MBPs and MBAs have either i5 or i7 processors. An i5 processor is significantly more powerful than an i3 processor, and has at least 2x the processing power of an Atom.   So in 2015... the MBA will have a 2015 i5 processor, and in 2016 the MBA will have an A10X, which is be half as powerful as an i5 processor from two years...
Whole Foods still make you sign even if you use Apple Pay, which is very odd. Or at least the store in Brooklyn does.
 Apple is not doubling performance every year in all areas. Graphics, yes, but also happened on the desktop for more than a decade before anyone cared about thermal limits and power consumption. In general memory and CISC equivalent computing tasks, the chips are not doubling in speed every year. Apple's chips are coming from such a low start, it is to be expected that performance increases will be initially large, but you can bet the A12 won't be 4x faster than the...
 In theory, yes. In practice, many applications would be extremely slow unless heavily modified. There's a pretty wide performance gap in general computing between ARM chips and Intel chips. My 2010 MPB is about 10x quicker on comparable benchmarks than the A7 (browsing, compute, memory etc).
 They've got you by the short and curlies, and they know it.
[quote]Users are required to login with their cable provider to access the live streams, as well as on-demand content[/quote]   The first time you don't need to do this, it will actually be newsworthy.
Car makers have always ripped people off for the most basic features. Many still charge well of $1000 just for navigation, which is many cases is not as good as standalone systems or even what can be done on a phone.
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