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Narrow the scope in what way? People rarely hate things they cannot afford; in fact they often aspire to own them, or admire them from a distance. Do people hate Ferrari or Porsche because they can't afford them? No... but they do hate the douche-bags who drive them, if they do so in a manner that is disrespectful and uncouth. You're usually pretty rational, why are you agreeing with such an immature comment?
Forget it, I got it the wrong way around.
 This kind of dumbassery (your comment) is the reason some people hate Apple. 
OK, so who attacked the site? That's not cool.   But I half don't understand the editorial, Wikipedia is rarely, if ever, unbiased - especially when it comes to controversial topics.
Apple TV is a very basic product, in a lovely package. The A5 inside is 2 years old, it only has about 8GB of storage and, what 512BM of RAM - it's very cheap to build, no battery, no display. Apple are not losing money on it.   Roku 3 is actually cheaper but might even cost more to make given Roku's lower sales and lower buying power. If Roku can make money, Apple certainly can.   The guy is clearly an idiot.
Does it connect to DropBox?
+100! Also, the Guardian (or Grauniad as it's affectionally known) costs about 8 British pounds a month, for all access, for an app than ENTIRELY downloads every day (rather than half-heartedly downloads and requires online access) and is basically a full daily newspaper on the iPad. I dropped my NYT subscription because they had a bizzare pricing model that was either iPhone plus Online or iPad plus Online. Or pay through the nose for both. Huh? Yes I'll stick to the...
If that was your point, why didn't you make it more clearly? I do think the basic skills needed for programming are probably either there or not there by the time someone is 12, or in their early teens. If at that point they struggle with math, logical comprehension or even basic concentration, that's going to become a hindrance before too long.
 Rubbish - I started programming at 9 years old, and that was 32 years ago. The earlier the better. Oh, and we were piss poor, but I agreed with my dad to forsake toys and sweets for a year, just to have a computer (a 16k Atari 400). 
 Bingo, this exactly. Companies (and individuals) should focus on enablement - and by the way, African Americans are not the only group under-represented at the top. A couple of posts referred to Obama (indirectly) - the irony being is that he had to be 10x better (eductationally) than the white guy he was running against, and 100x better than his predecessor, to even get a chance. The barrier to entry should not be 10x higher, but it also shouldn't be lower either. Get...
New Posts  All Forums: