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 Apple is not doubling performance every year in all areas. Graphics, yes, but also happened on the desktop for more than a decade before anyone cared about thermal limits and power consumption. In general memory and CISC equivalent computing tasks, the chips are not doubling in speed every year. Apple's chips are coming from such a low start, it is to be expected that performance increases will be initially large, but you can bet the A12 won't be 4x faster than the...
 In theory, yes. In practice, many applications would be extremely slow unless heavily modified. There's a pretty wide performance gap in general computing between ARM chips and Intel chips. My 2010 MPB is about 10x quicker on comparable benchmarks than the A7 (browsing, compute, memory etc).
 They've got you by the short and curlies, and they know it.
[quote]Users are required to login with their cable provider to access the live streams, as well as on-demand content[/quote]   The first time you don't need to do this, it will actually be newsworthy.
Car makers have always ripped people off for the most basic features. Many still charge well of $1000 just for navigation, which is many cases is not as good as standalone systems or even what can be done on a phone.
How much less could you care?
You're probably right, although 16GB as the base is getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, given it was the base in 2009 (5 years ago).
The banks agreed to take it mutually, to avoid any being targeted for a run or short-selling - but when you look at when banks actually paid it back, you'll get a sense of who really needed it even if they didn't think so at the time. Personally I think of all them 'needed' it to avoid a liquidity freeze in the system, which is why it was offered in the first place. Many people (including my colleagues) might disagree. My first comment was tongue-in-cheek anyway... it just...
No, neither did half a dozen other banks who took it (including the one I work for). But they benefited from the additional liquidity.
This is the same Wells Fargo that received $25bn in taxpayer money via TARP. When Apple is taking taxpayer money to stay afloat, Wells Fargo can comment. Until then...
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