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This year was going to be my 'no new stuff' year. iPad 3, iPhone 5 and 2010 MBP are all chugging along nicely... but I have been looking at GPS watches (I am a runner) for a while, but if this hits the mark, I'll be first in line.
I love the apps, and by subscribing to 365 I think you'll automatically get Office 2015 Mac. The apps should not be described as Freemium, any more than iBooks should be.
 Huh? I'm an Apple-hater now? Grow up, ffs.
 The vast majority of the Android tablet market is made up of cheap, barely functional tablets owned by people who wouldn't use MS Office if it were the only app in existence. MS wants to be where the money is, which is iOS.
Oh, of course. That wasn't really obvious given the context, and anyway, it's a lousy qualifier given than you could apply any generalization to 'some people'. 
Narrow the scope in what way? People rarely hate things they cannot afford; in fact they often aspire to own them, or admire them from a distance. Do people hate Ferrari or Porsche because they can't afford them? No... but they do hate the douche-bags who drive them, if they do so in a manner that is disrespectful and uncouth. You're usually pretty rational, why are you agreeing with such an immature comment?
Forget it, I got it the wrong way around.
 This kind of dumbassery (your comment) is the reason some people hate Apple. 
OK, so who attacked the site? That's not cool.   But I half don't understand the editorial, Wikipedia is rarely, if ever, unbiased - especially when it comes to controversial topics.
Apple TV is a very basic product, in a lovely package. The A5 inside is 2 years old, it only has about 8GB of storage and, what 512BM of RAM - it's very cheap to build, no battery, no display. Apple are not losing money on it.   Roku 3 is actually cheaper but might even cost more to make given Roku's lower sales and lower buying power. If Roku can make money, Apple certainly can.   The guy is clearly an idiot.
New Posts  All Forums: