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How much less could you care?
You're probably right, although 16GB as the base is getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, given it was the base in 2009 (5 years ago).
The banks agreed to take it mutually, to avoid any being targeted for a run or short-selling - but when you look at when banks actually paid it back, you'll get a sense of who really needed it even if they didn't think so at the time. Personally I think of all them 'needed' it to avoid a liquidity freeze in the system, which is why it was offered in the first place. Many people (including my colleagues) might disagree. My first comment was tongue-in-cheek anyway... it just...
No, neither did half a dozen other banks who took it (including the one I work for). But they benefited from the additional liquidity.
This is the same Wells Fargo that received $25bn in taxpayer money via TARP. When Apple is taking taxpayer money to stay afloat, Wells Fargo can comment. Until then...
24-bit AAC would still be lossy - a better step would be staying with 16-bit but using lossless audio.
This year was going to be my 'no new stuff' year. iPad 3, iPhone 5 and 2010 MBP are all chugging along nicely... but I have been looking at GPS watches (I am a runner) for a while, but if this hits the mark, I'll be first in line.
I love the apps, and by subscribing to 365 I think you'll automatically get Office 2015 Mac. The apps should not be described as Freemium, any more than iBooks should be.
 Huh? I'm an Apple-hater now? Grow up, ffs.
 The vast majority of the Android tablet market is made up of cheap, barely functional tablets owned by people who wouldn't use MS Office if it were the only app in existence. MS wants to be where the money is, which is iOS.
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