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I'll stream it over Aereo. Keep cutting the cords.
 Of course not, you recompile for ARM - Apple have already done this when they switched from PPC to Intel.
No, I think there is a market for a device that covers both the MBA and iPad functionality.
Wow, you convinced me. What a great argument; well put, quoted all the facts, really coherent.You should quit whatever job you have and become a diplomat, or go into arbitration. Where did you learn such sharp debating skills? 3rd grade?
Intel are planning a Windows/Android hybrid this year   http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/3/5267360/intel-dual-os-pc-plus-android-windows-microsoft-objection   It certainly makes sense that Apple will do something similar. The real question is whether the ARM chips can run OS X anywhere close to Haswell. Apparently the A5 could just about manage it. A 64-bit quad-core A8 with enough RAM should be able to pull it off, with some performance compromises.
 "Adding a 4K monitor as part of the cost of the computer is kind of silly. If you are going to max out the Mac Pro -- of course you are going to need a super monitor to take advantage of that. But a $125 monitor is "equivalent" or sufficient." Really? So someone who is going to spend at least $3,000 on a computer, will get a $125 monitor. You were saying something about me being "silly". "People maxing out the SSD have money to blow. It isn't Apple necessarily forcing a...
 Yes I was - and the keyboard and mouse. I'm not sure when these kinds of things started becoming optional with a Pro (I know display has always been separate, but let's be honest, you need one because you're likely to sell your existing one with your old Mac Pro.
[quote]with some configurations reaching nearly $10,000.[/quote]   More like $14,000   Anyway, the Logic Pro updates are amazing, more than worthy of a point update in my opinion, but Apple seems happy rolling them out casually without fanfare. The multi-core load balance is finally working across single instruments with multi-out. Something we've been crying out for since, literally, Logic 6.
Oops, wrong Union Square...
[quote] Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are every bit as fast, stable, and feature-rich as their desktop counterparts[/quote]   Well that's because the desktop versions were dumbed down to only include features that could be crammed into an iPhone. Hardly an endorsement worth bragging about.
New Posts  All Forums: