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So you either don't use Gmail or don't use mail groups. Both are broken.
I've had a very slow finder since going to mavericks. When in Logic or any other app, clicking 'save as' brings up the dialogue box and you get the spinning wheel while it tries to figure out what's in that folder or directory. Same when using finder. That's with an SSD, so it's not the HDD, I've seen others with the same bug in 10.9. Roll on 10.10...
[quote]   From Cash907's deleted post   2) Samsung needs to put it in writing that if their paid sponsors are too stupid to actually use the products they're being paid to use, they forfeit every dime they've been paid. Seriously. You all are attacking Samsunh for this, but really, how stupid do you have to be here? This is like trying to sell Coke while wearing a Pepsi t shirt. Morons. Gotta love all the Samsung hate here. Christ, it's like high school. What are you...
Apple should bid for TWC.
Yes but it's great you don't need cable to do so, which always defeats the object.
What does that graph look like when adjusted for global market share?
 In the 70's, most investors actually wanted the thing they invested in to succeed. By the late 80's, it was just about bleeding everything dry. Not all investors, obviously, but Icahn pretty much invented Vulture Capitalism. He's an anathema to creativity and growth - for him, Apple is a just a big juicy bag of blood to be drained dry.
He's a vulture who has no interest in Apple's long term future. It makes NO financial sense to buy back shares at a historically high price at this kind of level. Apple currently has the balance about right, but anything more aggressive hurts them in the long term. If in 4, 5 or 10 years time, the landscape is different and Apple needs to raise money, it might be selling the shares at a loss.
It's a nice app, and going ad-free on the iPad is worth the premium. Safari reader works well, but by then you've already been bombarded with T-mobile ads.
 Well that's because Apple wanted to keep the 4:3 form factor, AND (originally) the 10x7 resolution. A 7 inch screen at 4:3 ratio would not have worked - the size and form factor were 'obvious' if they wanted it to be small and practical. Any by the way, that's not a bad thing - Ive is always talking about products being 'true to themselves'. I love 4:3 for my iPad because it's the best way to read magazines and read online content (I'm on the iPad 3rd gen). But this "you...
New Posts  All Forums: