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Be careful... as an ex-Brit now living in the US (for quite some time now) having an advertising standards watchdog is probably a better use of tax 'dollars' than many other things I could mention. On British TV, you don't get utter bullshit commercials lying through their teeth to get you to buy some pill that will solve all your life's woes... for example. Maybe Britons should shout for their tax 'dollars' to be spent subsidising awful telecoms companies who stifle...
I'm not exactly a big fan of unions myself, but there is some irony in your comment. The reason unions existed in the first place was to ensure basic human rights and prevent this kind of thing happening. By the way, this is not limited to Apple or even China. South America is notorious for this kind of thing happening as well, Coca-Cola amongst others have an appalling track record of human right abuses in some countries.
Exactly, you hit the nail on the head. I really wish we didn't make things in China with these companies. Foxxcon should be held accountable.
I think there is still a market for high capacity iPods. A full season of any TV show, plus the average album collection, is way more than 32GB or even 64GB, so 100GBs plus is still desirable. So the question becomes, what is the capacity cieling for most consumers, and how long will it be before SSD is affordable at that capacity. I think it's going to settle aroud 120 - 160GBs
Which says it all. If consumers don't give a shit about the conditions of the people who build their products, how can we expect the companies to? Additionally, this is exactly why so many jobs are vanishing from the US, because all consumers care about is getting more for less.
What, us?
Bog down a Core2Duo with Rosetta running the most inefficient PowerPC Carbon Code ever written.
I am on the Beta... believe me, the cover flow is a gimmick - I mean seriously, seeing your registers go by like album art? Why? The reason they did this, is because all the beta-testers universally despised QFLfM and most people said they'd stick to either iBank (which is far better than the QFL beta) or run virtual machines and stay with Quicken for Windows. I really hope they make is easier to migrate from Quicken Windows, and I for one will be glad to get rid of...
I think it's easy to forget that Apple is, first and foremost, a business. It's poignant to note that 10 years ago, Microsoft could have bought Apple out 10x over, and still had change to swallow Google. If you look at the current market cap of the two companies, MSFT is barely 60% bigger than Apple, despite owning a virtual monopoly on computer software (OS and Office). While Microsoft has spent the last 10 years trying to figure out how to get into search, consoles and...
The answer is pretty simple. If you don't like it, don't buy the content. Buy the DVD or a Blu-Ray player. People bitch and moan about this stuff, and buy it anyway.
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