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ZOMG, Toyota just releazed a n3w c@r wif teh 4 wheels and enginz... th3y must have copeed teh Henry Ford.... All tablets are going to normalize towards a common form factor. Does anyone bang on about Apple "copying" the (obvious) 7-inch tablet?
And thanks for the zero-contribute comment. What do you do exactly for the betterment of society again? I'd actually like Yahoo to wake up and become relevant again, and I could untangle myself from f-ing Google.
 3rd parties will recompile if necessary, just like they did with the previous switches - your first statement is simply not reflected by what has happened historically. There certainly is a danger of giving up performance, but when when you see that Haswell is 22% of the cost of a MBA, whereas a potential A8 would be a fraction of that, it looks compelling to Apple. Not to mention power consumption... and if you remember the Intel switch, it was all about 'performance per...
I'll stream it over Aereo. Keep cutting the cords.
 Of course not, you recompile for ARM - Apple have already done this when they switched from PPC to Intel.
No, I think there is a market for a device that covers both the MBA and iPad functionality.
Wow, you convinced me. What a great argument; well put, quoted all the facts, really coherent.You should quit whatever job you have and become a diplomat, or go into arbitration. Where did you learn such sharp debating skills? 3rd grade?
Intel are planning a Windows/Android hybrid this year   http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/3/5267360/intel-dual-os-pc-plus-android-windows-microsoft-objection   It certainly makes sense that Apple will do something similar. The real question is whether the ARM chips can run OS X anywhere close to Haswell. Apparently the A5 could just about manage it. A 64-bit quad-core A8 with enough RAM should be able to pull it off, with some performance compromises.
 "Adding a 4K monitor as part of the cost of the computer is kind of silly. If you are going to max out the Mac Pro -- of course you are going to need a super monitor to take advantage of that. But a $125 monitor is "equivalent" or sufficient." Really? So someone who is going to spend at least $3,000 on a computer, will get a $125 monitor. You were saying something about me being "silly". "People maxing out the SSD have money to blow. It isn't Apple necessarily forcing a...
 Yes I was - and the keyboard and mouse. I'm not sure when these kinds of things started becoming optional with a Pro (I know display has always been separate, but let's be honest, you need one because you're likely to sell your existing one with your old Mac Pro.
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