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 I really hope so... I'd love to drop Bootcamp for Batman and Bioshock!
OK, great. Now lets get that 750m inside a 15" MBP, and I'm in line at the Apple store...   ... oh, and don't forget to de-gimp the nVidia drivers!   Tweet by Feral to me: In theory the 330M is more powerful than the 320M but in practise the performance of the 330M and its drivers is much weaker.   Apple seems to gimp OpenGL drivers... which is why you always get better performance in Windows and Linux than in OS X on the same hardware. 
 If they'd made the update available in each region early, this would not have happened. I'd have been happy to do the download at 5:00am this morning.
It's just not in Apple's DNA to build cheap crap. I have no idea what investors were expecting.   An iPhone like the 'iPod nano' or 'shuffle' just would not be possible without huge sacrifices in performance or quality and would make life difficult for devs having vastly different specs.   I think Apple nailed it.
 $99 is not 10% less than $199.
These comments are quite shameful. Apple should not enforce MFN as well as take 30%, it's just a joke and one of the reasons you get stupid situations like magazine subscriptions being so expensive on the iPad for digital, but cheaper to get the hard copy PLUS digital.   It's also hurting the Mac app store.
So, will this come out on the Mac App Store for $49.99 and then 3 weeks later be available on Steam for $19.99, like X-Com was?
Yes, go online on their website and edit the viewing profile (what you have rated). You can change or remove ratings there on a profile.
What about programs two or more people watch?
I have both the Mac and Windows versions of many games, especially those on Steam; Civ V, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Portal, Dragon Age and others. In every case, without exception, the game runs better under Windows on the same hardware. In some cases, on my hardware, the game needs higher specs than I have for OS X (DiRT for example won't run on my GT330m in my 2010 MBP) but does so just fine in Windows. I've had twitter exchanges with...
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