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[quote]with some configurations reaching nearly $10,000.[/quote]   More like $14,000   Anyway, the Logic Pro updates are amazing, more than worthy of a point update in my opinion, but Apple seems happy rolling them out casually without fanfare. The multi-core load balance is finally working across single instruments with multi-out. Something we've been crying out for since, literally, Logic 6.
Oops, wrong Union Square...
[quote] Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are every bit as fast, stable, and feature-rich as their desktop counterparts[/quote]   Well that's because the desktop versions were dumbed down to only include features that could be crammed into an iPhone. Hardly an endorsement worth bragging about.
Are they going to re-instate the ability to email groups, just by typing the group name? This was lost in iOS too.
People should not have to do these workarounds - it's Apple, it should "just work". I bought a new MBA for my wife (she's a writer) and the time machine backup dumped iWork 09. Sure enough, a crap load of her work didn't port nicely. Now OK, I was able to resolve it easily by dragging the TM file manually and re-associating all of her saved docs with the old version. But should I have to? I told a white lie before... she won't be going to Office (I use it for work though),...
I am fine with them taking this approach, like they did with FCP. I am not fine with them removing iWork '09 and all traces and support of it, until they close the gap. They want people to use their software (which I do) but then I become dependent upon it and hit issues when the functionality vanishes. Back to Office 2011 for 6 months then I guess...
Those benchmark scores on Nova look incredibly low. My 2010 MBP (i7 @2.66ghz, 8GB RAM and GT330m) has both of them beaten. I score 732, RAM score 159 (despite being 600mhz slower), CPU scores 440 despite being 4 generations older, graphics score 100 with 259 fps despite being effectively pre-CUDA technology. The only thing slower is my SSD scoring 33 with 126 MB/s.   A 3 year old MBP (4 generations ago) should not beat these new machines. In fact, I think there must be a...
Because of the retina display.
 It's pretty well known, but now you can see for real in Mavericks my looking at the energy consumption tab on Activity Monitor.
 It was the other way around - blue was iMessage, green counted as text. It hasn't changed.
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