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8 years.
The front is always open, that's how it got in - the floor is also really flat at the entrance so a rapid build up of water could easily come down the stairs. It rained this morning like I've never seen before in New York - it was literally like being under a waterfall.
It doesn't necessarily, but the supplier is new.
Huberty absolutely did NOT say there would be "multiple new iPhone models", she said that iPhone 4 price cuts are expected to stimulate demand. Disclosure, I work at Morgan Stanley.
This doesn't make sense. There are plenty of high resolution devices either not much bigger or smaller than the mini, that don't have yield issues.
I couldn't get this to work, and honestly unless some dimwit actually published this, who the hell would work this out by accident?
I think they missed an opportunity to eliminate the 16GB model and really squeeze the Surface and other Android tablets by making 32GB the defacto entry level.
They know not to put an unnecessary "s" on the end of "anyway".
Competition is good, and Apple is not perfect, so this is great for customers. The Google Maps app on the iPhone is 5x better now than it was prior to iOS 6, so there is a positive. Also Apple will have to work hard to win the customers back, again good.   Who said iOS isn't open? This shows a healthy and flourishing eco-system...
I cannot replicate this on my iPhone 5 running 6.0.1
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