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I preordered on AT&T at 2:50 Eastern, received the confirmation then another note that info didn't match credit bureau. I hustled to the Apple app and preordered another just in case. After multiple calls totally three hours including multiple dropped calls and long hold times, two trips to different AT&T stores I find out they entered my name and ss# wrong. To add insult to injury I get an email at 9PM last night that "they hadn't heard from me so my order had been...
And just like me, 99.8% of those that downloaded the apps deleted them.
Apple will do the same thing they did with my PowerBook G3, nothing. The hinges broke because they were made of pot metal and it was rendered useless. Apple has a mixed record as far as Customer Service goes.
A no contract plan is the way to go. Especially if you use minimal minutes and data. After my 4S contract expired I went with the Go Phone plan, my monthly bill was $67 and now it is $41. I will most likely sell this phone when the iPhone 6 is released and buy it outright. Those contracts may make it easy to get a new phone but it actually saves you money going without the contract.
My contract is up on Monday and I just got off the phone with AT&T. I use just a fraction of my minutes and data and I've accumulated 4100 rollover minutes, so I'm only looking to lower my monthly fee. The rep did her search and could not come up with anything like T Mobile's $50 unlimited talk, texts and 500 mb of data. AT$T is going to be in a world of hurt if they don't reinvent themselves. Now I'm looking forward to porting my number on Monday.
And it killed my MBP battery.
As a photographer, I gather the pertinent information about how a potential client will use an images and quote a fee. If a client grossly underestimates its use, there must be action taken. The Library of Congress is the governing body for our countries Intellectual Property laws and they have a maximum penalty of $150K per infringing occurrence. How many times do you think that Apple used the image in an ad? In Commercial Photography, we will often receive 3-5% of the...
I certainly hope that Apple addresses the battery issues many of us MBP owners are experiencing. My battery life went from 3.5 hours to 2, very disappointed in ML.
Mountain Lion stole my MBP battery life, it went from 3.5 to 2.25 hours. I pray that Apple has read the 185+ pages of user comments on their own forums. Please let 10.8.3 restore my battery life.
If you can't beat them, slam them.
New Posts  All Forums: