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I'm very happy with my 4S. I really want to see the next version resemble an iPad like back. Now that is something thatI could get excited about.
So, Apple will assist the Police in recovering stolen Apple products from the Job's family but will not do so for others. If you look at different Mac forums, there are multiple threads about lost or stolen iphones, iPads and MBP's that owners have used the find my device feature but Police will not help them. I'm sorry to hear about the break in but how about a little justice for all.
So, Apple can and will blacklist an item when it's stolen from them but not from one of their customers?
I can only hope that Proviews debt is far more than the settlement.
If I understand the Developers response correctly, they want your money but they don't want to earn it. It's not like there are hundreds of different devices that their apps are running on. If the next iPhone has a different size and resolution, that brings the total to three right?
If an employee makes a wage that is below their expectation they will show no loyalty toward the Company. The mere fact that there are suicide nets on the employee dormitory should be an indication of Company morale. I can only imagine what they think when the upper management arrives at work in a Maybach or other exotic sports car. I'm sure that anyone can get company secrets for the price of a meal.
What size? iWant!
Funny, I usually recharge my new iPad overnight and wake up to find it at 100%. Ironically, my iPhone 4S seems to get 4G reception here in Atlanta. Does AT&T offer 4G service yet? I figure that this is a carry over effect of Steve's alternate reality or did he get his angel wings and bring me a few gifts?
Dear China, After decades of not recognizing Copyrights of motion pictures, music and other electronic devices why start now?
Perhaps Apple feels like putting a little money back into the US economy. They pay relatively little US taxes and keep Billions in overseas accounts. Cue the Occupy ... folks.
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