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Sixteen months for that? Apple could have released the 4S without Siri or iOS5 back in June and people would have loved it. I've been eligible for an upgrade since the end of June and I was ready to buy. Instead, I will limp along and wait for something actually worth buying. Dear Apple, I ain't your bitch, bitch.
Absolutely underwhelming. Did Tim limp off the stage. Thanks Apple, you just saved me $200 because I'll save my upgrade money for something that is new, innovative and modern like a unibody iphone5.
And come Black Friday, it will be known as Amazon's Fire Sale Tablet.
Sprint says iPhone is the top reason it loses customer? That's why the leadership makes the big bucks. Let's see AT&T lose a big chunk of their customers if Sprint gets the iPhone and if they don't adjust their prices. All I know is my AT&T contract expires in thirty days and someone better persuade me to give them my business.
Poor Carol, how much is her severance package worth?
Apple offering a 13.3 MBA with i7, anti glare display, 256 SSD and capable of handling 8GB of RAM would be hard to resist.
It's like comparing Apples to Oranges, one Company sells well designed products at a premium price while other sells products to the masses at discount prices. It's like comparing Kia's to Mercedes Benz, one sets the standards while the other is denying the others quality. Let's stop arguing and just acknowledge that they're doing things differently. Let's just try to remember how respectful Steve and Bill were at that event a couple years ago.
What Steve actually meant to say was, "It's the fiscal year of the iPad2."
I would be happy to upgrade if the image on 9to5mac is accurate. I am hoping that the new iphone would have a metal back but that's just aesthetics.
There was enough evidence for the EEOC to allow the employee to pursue a lawsuit. I grew up in St. Louis and the racial demographics can change greatly from one community to another. Is Apple simply employing people or are they committed to training professionals? If the Manager only documents an employees positive attributes, is he or she doing the employee a disservice by not giving them constructive criticism on things that they can work on in order to progress within...
New Posts  All Forums: