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Whatever, just release the machines and let them update if it has been less than 30 days. Otherwise, it's $29.99 to upgrade like everyone else.
Perhaps those Marketer's and Accountants failed to factor in that the iphone4 is in mid cycle and an iphone5 is in the pipeline for a June or July release. Also, standing in line in June is quite different than early February unless you only count those in southern California. With heavy snow and blizzard conditions, I doubt that even the biggest fanboy braved an overnight line unless Mr. Jobs was personally handing out hot chocolate.
A yawner because you don't give people enough credit. Why run out to stand in below freezing temps when you can order online or wait four or five months for the iphone5? If Verizon customers have waited years for the iphone, they can wait a few months for the latest version that doesn't have a faulty antenna.
Let's wait and see how the Verizon network does over the next couple of months. My renewal is not for another nine months, so I should be able to figure out which carrier is best for me by then.
You have to protect your ideas when you are a leader in innovation. It's not like Apple doesn't have the money in the bank to protect their interests. Besides, we live in a litigation society and CEO's have to protect their stock prices and the public can be influences by rumors of wrong doing as much as anticipated products when buying stocks. I watched the movie "Micheal Clayton" last week and it is a great example of how far some Corporations may go to protect their image.
This simply reflects how a wealthy person can use their platform to feed their obsessions. Jobs has a man crush and he worked seven years to bring the Beatles library to Apple. The financial community thought so much of this deal and AAPL dropped $2. Yawn! Edit, $3.
My Verizon contract expired in November of '09 and I came back to AT&T only because of the iphone. I read the early reviews of OS4 and it sounded like I would not get folders and a couple other features. I installed the update and was amazed by the lag in starting apps and using the keyboard, especially in texting. Then Jobs commented on how slow the 3G was in testing... How about supporting a device at least while it's under warranty? According to AT&T, I am eligible for...
How many times will we hear about Steve's kurt and inappropriate comments? Is it not enough to be leading one of the highest valued companies? His narcissistic personality was old last century and I can only hope that his "handlers" would get a tighter rein on him. I love their products even though many of them have had to be replaced because of poor quality control. But I am committed to the system and going over to a PC would be counterproductive. So, how about a little...
The CEO is playing the part of the Flight Attendant on the plane that is about to crash. He wants everyone to cover their windows, buckle their seat belts and return their trays to an upright position. Was the Captain of the Titanic the first off the ship? Did the Captain of the Hindenburg have dinner plans for that evening? The CEO does not care about us but only the Billions of dollars AT&T made while it had an exclusive contract with Apple. I left AT&T for Verizon a...
Apple has put a good product out there with the iPad and set the standard for tablets.The iPad was developed on the base of the iPhone and with the first three generations have funded their tablet. With so much cash in reserve, Apple can turn those products flying off the assembling line. LG will sell their share but the Apple OS will continue to bring those PC people over to Apple.
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