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Apple has put a good product out there with the iPad and set the standard for tablets.The iPad was developed on the base of the iPhone and with the first three generations have funded their tablet. With so much cash in reserve, Apple can turn those products flying off the assembling line. LG will sell their share but the Apple OS will continue to bring those PC people over to Apple.
Perhaps consumers would like to see how the Apple hardware runs on Jailbreak compared to iOS4. It's obvious that Apple did not thoroughly test their software. I am a longtime Apple user but their performance as of late reminds me of MS, Toyota and BP.
Like Tiger Woods, the manufactured image has been soiled. They could have easily gotten in front of the problem early but they decided to deny it until it blew up in their faces. Apple obviously did not test both the hardware or software sufficiently and acted like Bill Clinton when the soiled red dress was produced. Now the 4G is cursed and the 3G and 3GS customers, me included are stuck with poor performing iPhones. They should never had mentioned the other phones...
If if's and but's were nuts and bolts, we'd build a hell of a bridge. If my Broker had purchased AAPL instead of "his" stocks, I'd be sitting on $140k rather than this sad little story I've lived since. I think that Steve will be just fine in his later live. Besides, his historic house should be nicely replaced by the time he's ready to retire.
To paraphrase Mel Gibson in Brave Heart, I want AT&T's CEO to present himself to iPhone users and apologize to everyone for his companies poor performance and give back his multi million dollar bonuses because he certainly did not earn it. AT&T pocketed a lot of money and failed to provide adequate basic service let alone customer support. Funny how Applerates amount the top and AT&T is consistanly is the worst.
Dear Mr. Macintosh, Apple needs to get an iClue and a sense of humor. Rather than getting bent out of shape over a comedians joke, they need to watch their own house and monitor those prototypes being left at the brewhouses and massege parlors around town. Be thankful that Apple products are so popular that they are becoming verbs and that nearly everyone actually "gets" the joke. BTW, I could not watch the clip posted because it was flash.
It's the technology version of the Unibomber's Manifesto!
I hope that Gizmodo dissects, photographs till their hearts content and then puts the pieces in an envelope and drops it in a mailbox.
Believe me, the axe has fallen on the offending employees neck already. I imagine that Steve himself has tried to get that phone back if it's real. This could be the biggest blunder or scoop if it's a prototype. I have to admit that I would have asked if there was a reward for it's return before posting pictures online...
Here is a novel idea, how about putting that windfall from the iphone customers back into the network... Imagine what would happen when Apple makes the phone available to other providers.
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