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Can I prove ownership with a receipt for the phone? Perhaps a series of bills stating my name, address, phone listed on plan from my AT&T online account or the last bill from the month that it was stolen? Can the Police write a report from a that happened days, weeks or months ago? I would camp out at the store that the phone was left at and produce the documents and wait for the criminal to arrive. Apple and AT&T should grow some stones and do the right thing. If you can...
It sounds like Mr. Wakefield has his actors mixed up. Wouldn't the story be more believable is it we Micheal J Fox and the movie was Back to the Future? Since when did SJP have Steve Job's ear when it comes to product development? She did use an Apple notebook in Sex and the City but I doubt that even Woz would visit the set let alone Jobs. Good try but I don't see the connection.
I was a Cingular/AT&T customer for eight years and dropped them for Verizon. After having the same phone with both carriers I waited two years to come back to AT&T. Why? Because the software on the phone with Verizon was like playing pong on a PS3. I even got out of my contract a month early after shaming them on the features that they kill on their phones. I am a proud user of an iPhone and will not look back. I laugh at the Droid commercials because I already know that...
I was a Cingular/AT&T customer for eight years and dropped them because of poor customer service. I went to Verizon because of their coverage and good customer service. Unfortunately, I found out that they kill many of the features that I wanted in a phone. The differences between the software on the same phone was night and day. Last week, I shamed Verizon into releasing me 30 days early so I could get into an iPhone. Even if Verizon got the iPhone, I would be amazed if...
I can see it now, the Microsoft Recruiter meets with an Apple Store Employee and makes their pitch to come work for them. The Recruiter concludes the meeting by offering his/her business card and says, "When you are ready to compromise, give us a call".
Let's get this straight, AT&T charges a premium for service with the iPhone, it delivers substandard service and has an exclusive contract here in the US. Now, they want you to know after years into the contract that they are starting to do something about it. The teams are using facebook and twitter to get the message out... this only confirms my philosophy, twitter is the new PR firm for knuckle heads. How about making the price comparable to the service that you...
You had me at "available".
Amazing, a man's life is worth $44K and a top of the line notebook. If this man's history was so questionable, why would they trust him with such an important prototype? Something stinks and it isn't the workers who are forced to work overtime with no compensation.
U2 simply made the best deal for them. Apple and their customers cannot take it personally. I am sure that both Apple and U2 profited from their dealings and it was time to look elsewhere for the sponsorship of the next tour.
Go to the Applications folder and open the Utilities folder. You will find "Network Utilities", launch it and you will find a drop menu with (en1) and it will tell you what link speed you are running at and list the 802.11a/b/g/n if you are able to receive all channels.
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