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    Well you would need to be pretty desperate as a developer to put your application on this platform, look at the commission Apple demands and worse all applications must allow multiple installs. So if Adobe released Photoshop to the App Store for example it would represent the loss of hundereds of millions of dollars in revenue every year! Consequently small developers looking =for a way to market their product are happy to let Apple take their cut but established...
iPads have had an option for 3G for over two years now is their any prospect for us dinosaurs that want to have proper mobile computing? Am I alone with this wish?
Actually I have some sympathy for the re-seller here. Firstly they have been an ambassador for Apple since 1977 supporting the companies products through thick and thin. they have invested heavily at Apples request in a POS system only to have the ground chopped away under their feet. Apple does not need re-sellers now but there is such a thing as ethics and doing the right thing. Apple do not need to treat their re-sellers so badly.
I have a .mac email address and I use the same address as both my iTunes and Apple ID. So my question is am I effected? If I migrate to iCloud will this mean I have to change email addresses. I am not quite sure what the problem is.
If you put flash on an iPhone or iPad it will lose its battery power so fast people will say "the iPhone is useless it only lasts 2 hours or whatever" Apple do not want their reputation to be damaged by allowing an application that eats processor cycles and runs the battery flat.
What are the expected specs of the MacBook Airs? Will there be a 15" model?
I suspect his manager did not like him and that this has NOTHING to do with Apple policy. I think the claim that he did not know he wanted promotion is fatuous and he said that because he cannot, or is unwilling to explain why he didn't promote him.
I see this as a positive move. It is a recognition that Windows is loosing market share, and if you look at demographics what is currently a trickle of conversions (Windows-OSX) could become a waterfall. MS has to protect it self and whilst it is nice to sell windows licences, it is better for them to make Office the dominant office product on both platforms. Look how the market share of the all dominant IE has plummeted to around 50% whereas three years ago it was over...
The MBA is a brilliant machine. I have just about every Mac going and the MBA is by far and away my favourite. I don't miss the optical drive, I think I have only ever plugged the drive in twice since I have owned this machine. I think people here are obsessed with speed and performance but we have now reached the point where the most basic machine is fast enough for about 98% of the population. I think there would be a market for a 10.6" MBA, it would be really popular...
I bet this problem is prevalent in the US where you go from an air conditioned environment to the warm humid atmosphere outside such as in Florida. It is a bit like taking a can of coke out of the fridge - condensation will form inside and out.
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