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It's interesting, because Microsoft counts all Windows 7 copies now as Windows 8 downgrades - but they still count as a Windows 8 sale. I've been buying a several Dell business class machines that have Windows 7 downgrade option (that I'm opting for). Those are all being treated as Windows 8 sales...
Mansfield would only meet with Mansfield "if Cook was present to mediate." Apple has invented the Matrix!!!
  You must not work in any type of enterprise environment. Just about every "tool" to configure something uses a java applet, from printers (HP Directjet) to Cisco products (although I prefer the cli). There are also a number of enterprise websites that require java both intranet and internet sites. It's still to widely used to be deprecated. Just because it's not an ideal platform to use anymore doesn't mean it still isn't heavily in use today.
Ugh! I'm waiting for the phone calls from my various clients now... They use ZipForm Online, which exclusively uses Java! Before anyone starts by saying how easy it is to fix this problem, you've never been a computer consultant before!
Good read: http://semiaccurate.com/2012/09/24/an-update-on-apple-moving-away-from-intel/
There are a bunch of conspiracy theorists on Reddit that would disagree :-P
  Our datacenter has finger print scanners that are about a quarter of a square inch. I'm sure they could effectively put something like that on the home button, which would be awesome!   Note - These scanners are not swipe scanners, you just plop the tip of your index finger on it to scan.
First of all, very cool article.   Getting to the "assembled by Foxconn in China" part. I remember Cook talking about how the current iPhones were/are designed to be put together by human hands. This is purposely done so that it can be put together by cheap labor (in China). Saying that, wouldn't it be possible to redesign the phone (and other gear) to be assembled by more advanced methods (aka robots)? We've pretty much have done this with cars, appliances, etc and...
This is lame. My Lexus has a phone button. My iPhone is connected to it via bluetooth - yet I KNOW they wont offer an upgrade (yes my console is software upgradeable) to implement this. Instead they want me to buy a new car. Lame lame lame!
Agreed, but in an age where consolidation and server density is key - would you opt for 1 4U server or 4 1U servers, where a 1U server could compete equally with the Mac Pro? Apple had great 1U servers (or was it 2U's...) but those are no more. Plus you don't get things like easy hot swapping. A real rack server can be pulled out on it's rails with most parts being hot swap-able (while the machine is on). With the Mac Pro, you must turn it off first to service it. That,...
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