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To save bandwidth and improve customer experience all while the customer will save on data, the other networks should give their users tools to block the sending of google advertising data.
May I suggest substituting ''publication' in place of 'rag'?
I agree that real content means a lot. The paper subscriptions I have are Consumer Reports, Backpacking magazine, the AARP magazine (comes free with the membership - uh oh... I guess that I'm old), one of the Consumer Reports health letters, and a local newspaper. I also have the electronic iMagazine version of Backpacker but I almost never use it. The advertising is too intrusive. With paper, I just flip past it. With the electronic version it takes over your screen and...
The article got me thinking. When it comes to computer news, I prefer the Internet. When it comes to backpacking information, I read paper magazines almost exclusively. For backpacking, I prefer the paper over the electronic magazines and various web sites. Anyone else feel the same way?
I thing Google missed its opportunity with glass. Once the term glasshole caught on there was too much negativity with the product. Even if someone wants to buy Google Glass, they will be ridiculed by the people around them who aren't willing to pay the entry price and will have a backlash about the invasion of their privacy.
What is DuetWhat is Duet?
Yes but if you have a wifi hub can't you set it so that the hub connects to all the household sensors then bridges to your main router?
Good to see manufacturers like Pella come onboard. I have a lot of respect for the quality of their products.
That would be one expensive dome!
Yes it would still be a cube but two of the dimensions would need to be multiples of the width and height of the two phone models. The third dimension would be a multiple of them phone thickness (are they the same thickness?). The geek in me says that it would be interesting to determine the most symmetric cube dimensions given the sales numbers of each phone model. But Aple never releases that breakdown and I prefer debating the possibilities to actually doing the...
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