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Many Panasonic and Sony TVs will no longer be supported. This Google makes a strong case as why you should not bother with smart TVs. They get obsoleted relatively quickly. You are better off buying a mid-range TV and an external media box. I wonder if my rooted ATV2 will still be able to show YouTube using XBMC?
Hacking isn't illegal? Because bypassing your security settings is the definition of hacking. How is Google tricking your computer to send your personal information which you want to keep private to their servers any different than a hacker bypassing a bank's security settings and getting their computers to send credit card and other information to the hackers?And nowhere in that agreement does it say that Google can bypass your privacy settings. As for all online activity...
I disagree. Here is another example. Someone connected to a web site that you visit somehow uses the connection to copy a phenomenal photo or a private photo of you if you are a celebrity. They then sell that photo for an outrageous amount. Once again, you had no intent of selling that photo but it clearly has value and that value is the price they obtained from selling it. You still have the original. By the way, I don't recall agreeing to a license when I first opened...
I'm a couple of generations behind and my needs really are light. I picked up two refurbed 2012 minis after the last refresh and maxing out the RAM and installing SSDs will hold me for some time to come.
Easy. Google did not circumvent your privacy settings and steal your browsing information for altruistic reasons. Your browsing history is valuable. Consider this scenario. A large oak tree sits on your property. You have no intent of ever selling for the wood and if it ever dies you would probably pay someone to come and remove it. Now someone comes around while you are on vacation and cuts down your tree and sells the lumber to a furniture maker. Did you suffer a loss?...
I guess that I'll hold out on buying that SSD for my mini Mac.
They did limit the pre-installed apps. Samsung limited the number of pre-installed apps to as many as they could get paid for and limited your ability to remove them.
And put a numeric virtual keypad overlay on the trackpad. You press a trackpad/keypad key to toggle the functions back and forth. I could really use something like that for my Mini Mac attached to the TV.
Here is a pricing option. $30/month for the package in HDTV. $40 for the package in 4k.
Even if you are in handcuffs, chances are you have at least one friend and you do get a phone call. A couple of years ago a coworker of mine had his iPhone stolen. The idiot who stole it entered in his appointment with his probation officer into the calendar. Duh, calendars are shared among your devices. The appointment with his probation officer didn't go to well from what I understand.
New Posts  All Forums: