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No issues here. Updated an iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV.
How does it measure sleep quality? How does the information compare to what you get from an at home sleep study?
How does it measure sleep quality?
It could be a huge market for Apple if they would make a combo ATV/cable box. Cable companies could stream all the live channels using H265 which would free up a lot of bandwidth for other services. Apple has the h265 chip but I suspect that cable box manufacturers also have chips for h265 decoding so the cable companies likely won't give the keys to their kingdom away.
After that happens, the Fandroid crowd will chime in saying that the Android watches were first on the market (even though they sucked).
That is good to hear. I just checked the app store review and people seem to like the newer versions of the software so I give credit to Sony for addressing the issues they had. Bluetooth would have been nice.
The concern I see on photography web sites is Sony's app being so laggy and dropping connections. I could have a use for the QX1 for making panoramas from high places using a pole mount system. We'll see.
If Apple does adopt NFC for the iPhone, I would think they also include it in an iWatch and put hooks in iOS 8 to securely communicate with iDevices. That way you have a much larger installed base that could use the new feature if users buy iWatches. You can get the bill at the register, approve on your watch, and be on your way. Now if a touch fingerprint sensor is also included on the iWatch, it would be extremely secure and convenient.
Next up, Samsung management will get plastic surgery to make them look like their Apple counterparts.
I enjoyed reading the article.
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