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If Apple does adopt NFC for the iPhone, I would think they also include it in an iWatch and put hooks in iOS 8 to securely communicate with iDevices. That way you have a much larger installed base that could use the new feature if users buy iWatches. You can get the bill at the register, approve on your watch, and be on your way. Now if a touch fingerprint sensor is also included on the iWatch, it would be extremely secure and convenient.
Next up, Samsung management will get plastic surgery to make them look like their Apple counterparts.
I enjoyed reading the article.
It isn't personal. It is business and is all about money. The money for Android is in the advertising, the app store, and the collection of tracking information to best target the advertising. Samsung is likely seeing that the margins in making a handset are diminishing and the Chinese are having Samsung for lunch in China. What can you do about it? Create your own ecosystem that can run Android apps natively. Ditch Google Maps, Gmail, etc. and offer your own services and...
I don't care if their profits are dropping as long as they have the money to pay off their patent losses to Apple.
As a hobbyist who uses Aperture weekly, I'm disappointed. Aperture was fairly revolutionary when introduced. Before that, it was basically Photoshop for everything which is overkill in most cases. They let others advance while they stood still. I wonder if Aperture was sacrificed to appease Adobe for Apple effectively killing Flash?   Edit: On the one hand, this is disappointing. On the other hand, Wall Street seems to like it and Apple's stock price bumped on the...
Because I live in the Milwaukee service area and own Apple stock. Timmy listens to me. ;-)
Not at all. A good use of time-lapse is recording road trips. You mount the camera on the windshield of your car and make a time-lapse of your trip. The phone is with you as you drive.
'Insanity' doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I feel the same way. My guess is that Apple wanted the Apple TV to have an exclusive access to TV content but in the end the media owners held firm and that isn't going to happen. Now what do you do to differentiate your TV product from others? Fallback to making it a decent video gaming console with lots of inexpensive video games. Not as differentiated as an exclusive TV product and one...
My guess is that Apple does indeed have gaming on the ATV in mind. I think that 'Metal' introduced at WWDC not only improves gaming graphics on iPhones and iPads but will be implemented on the Apple TV. Why not? Very similar hardware and operating system and I think you are actually pushing fewer pixels on the TV than you are on the iDevice.
New Posts  All Forums: