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I can't even figure out why it would be a split decision. If you get a patent on something you have an exclusive right to it for a set period of time. There is no requirement that you share your patents.
Exactly. It like Apple haters wanted a hard core super computer for $149 plus unlimited content. Well I have news for them. Bleeding edge hardware costs money and video content is still controlled by a few companies. The walls are cracking but they haven't fallen. I'm looking forward to having iOS games ported to the big screen and other custom apps.
I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Danny Partridge, The Partridge FamilyHave a nice day.
Read the first sentence. RUMOR REPORTS... Nowhere did I say that Apple reported the price. If Apple had released details would be no reason for the September 9th event.tenly is right and you can't handle it.
First of all, you ignore the fact that the new AppleTV will come with a controller according to rumor reports. Second, considering that the reported package price for the Apple TV and controller is US$149, there is no way additional controllers will be more than that price. If additional controllers are priced higher than that, just buy additional Apple TV packages and use the included controller.All this is speculation until September 9th so there is no need to worry...
Now you are being absurd. Do you really think that a) none of your friends will have a top of the line iPhone, b) that each of your friends would buy a top of the line iPhone, and c) that Apple would not also release lower-priced controller only devices? At worst you could buy a current version iPod touch. More likely you would be able to use the previous generation iPod touch or any iDevice that supports the next iOS release and, unlike most Android devices, Apple...
Ok then, it is already paid for and doesn't cost you any extra. Note that if someone gives you their old iPhone it is free for you!
True but if you already own an iPhone your controller is free. Include a basic controller but also allow iDevices as controllers.
I think it is entirely possible. After all, we have four more months to go in 2015. /s
No. I think the issue is that you are giving one person a heads up before giving the public at large the same heads up. Next time Apple may want to publish the email in the Apple PR section of their web site simultaneously with sending the message to Cramer. The sad thing is I just saw a news article claiming that the release was a desperate act to shore up the stock price to keep people from leaving Apple. The same site also bashed Apple when they didn't issue such...
New Posts  All Forums: