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An overlooked benefit to the retailer is that if their system is hacked, the hackers only have access to meaningless data that can't be reused or associated with an individual. There is no value in the data once the transaction is completed.
And so things keep changing. When I was in the grocery store today I noticed that the magazine section was removed. It was replaced with toilet paper (literally) that was on sale. The last few times I browsed the magazine rack nobody else showed up. As a kid that used to be the hangout. I would go to the store with my parents and hang out at the magazine rack until they left. More often than not I would buy a magazine. Those days are gone.
But the Apple haters tell us that Apple is unreasonable.
I think the GoPro is expensive for what it is. A contract-free iPhone 6 isn't much more costly than the GoPro black an it does a lot more. You can't argue that it has to do with economy of scale as GoPro is hardly a low volume product.
And people complain about the price of iPhones...
How not shocking. On the 6+ he applies pressure at the button site. On the other phones he applies pressure near the center of the phone. When the glue pops and the glass separates on the plastic phones he stops applying pressure and declares the phones good anyway even though he said that he saw the glass separate. Nope. Nothing biased there!
As I recall, the ATV3 is running a single core A5 and does 1k definition just fine. Throw in a dual core A7 and I'll bet you can get 4k output with room to spare.
No issues here. Updated an iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV.
How does it measure sleep quality? How does the information compare to what you get from an at home sleep study?
How does it measure sleep quality?
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