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Great and touching commercial. I ran across one of those recording years ago that was made by my uncle to my Grandmother. I'll never forget it. I sent it to my cousins and they also enjoy it.
I manage my own money and didn't miss out at all!!!!
Pay for their own designs? You mean like Samsung has paid? The problem is that winning in court takes a long, long time and all that time you get to copy... Just like Samsung has. Remember, Samsung didn't break out of the Droid pack until it copied Apple's look and feel. That is a lesson for others. Copy as much as you can and lawyer up so you can delay, delay, delay. As for their link to the Chinese government, I see that as a plus for them. Firstly, the Chinese...
In case you haven't noticed, a lot of people settle for 'good enough' and buy the Android knock-offs. Do I like it? No. Do I feel like they ripped Apple off? Yes. But that doesn't change my view that it is happening.
Because software is relatively easy to copy. Once you get someone to do the hard work of figuring out how to make features work well together, copying another company's implementation is relatively easy.
It may only be $56 million but it is profit and for that reason it has a leg up on Amazon. At some point the current Xiaomi cheap knockoff becomes as good as the Apple phone of one or two years ago and at some point it is good enough for most. Xiaomi will continue to take Samsung sales. After they chew up Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple are the major players. Then what? Xiaomi is something to keep an eye on.
I got used to being 'watch less' since I stopped wearing a watch in 2001 when my watch's battery died. As I use a credit card often, stores are so bad at keeping credit card info secure, and the replacement credit card I received this week still isn't chipped, I really want to use Apple Pay for security. However, I have an iPhone 5s and I'm not one for updating phones very often. So that leaves me the following choices:   1) Status quo. Keep my current setup. - Hey it is...
Do you realize that you can turn off updates AppleTV? Never mind. Someone already made the same comment.
I read through Apple's letter and supporting documents. Basically of the iPods that the plaintiffs finally entered into evidence, none were purchased within in the purchase window in the plaintiffs. Apple is asking that the plaintiffs supply the serial numbers of the remaining iPods purchased by the lead plaintiffs so they too can be checked for eligibility. If none of the iPods were purchased in the purchase window, I can see the suit being tossed. That said, the...
To quote Texas governor Rick Perry, "Oops!"
New Posts  All Forums: