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I dropped cable tv over the summer and put up an antenna. I was a lot more productive as I wasn't distracted by watching bad cable tv shows while waiting for something worthwhile. Now that winter is arriving and the days are getting shorter, I watch more tv but it consists of old tv series on over the air tv and Netflix and the occasional new movie from iTunes. I looked at Amazon's selection of movies and they are priced the same as they are on iTunes so why bother?
Thanks for the information.
If think you are correct. I recall reading somewhere that the hdmi port physically won't support 4K. That isn't a deal breaker for me. I would just move this Apple TV to wherever my old 1080 tv goes and get a new Apole TV for my 4K tv provided I get a 4K tv and the Apple TV at the time supports 4K.
You act as if the missing chips didn't exist before the iPhone 6. Apple could have put the capability in the prior model and utilize it in in a later software release. I am an Apple supporter but sometimes they squeeze the customer too hard. I keep my cell phones for several years and don't flip them. Now that I think about it, when I bought my iPhone 5s I thought that with the fingerprint sensor all the pieces would be in place for some sort of Apple Pay system but such...
My only gripe is that Apple didn't include the necessary hardware in the iPhone 5s to enable Apple Pay. I'm not going to buy a new phone or an Apple Watch just to get Apple Pay. That said, knowing first hand the incompetence of Chase, I guess I'll be paying the old fashioned way for some time.
I'm glad that I'm on Consumer Cellular which warns you when they predict you will be over your monthly limit and let you move up and down plans without charging a change fee.
So Apple gets sued for having a "no poaching" agreement with Google and others and gets sued for poaching from another company. Talk about a can't win situation.
I can't even figure out why it would be a split decision. If you get a patent on something you have an exclusive right to it for a set period of time. There is no requirement that you share your patents.
Exactly. It like Apple haters wanted a hard core super computer for $149 plus unlimited content. Well I have news for them. Bleeding edge hardware costs money and video content is still controlled by a few companies. The walls are cracking but they haven't fallen. I'm looking forward to having iOS games ported to the big screen and other custom apps.
I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Danny Partridge, The Partridge FamilyHave a nice day.
New Posts  All Forums: