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The video clip of Eric Schmidt is hilarious. On privacy he says that if you are concerned about people finding out about something you do maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.... Example given? His 'open' marriage that he tries to keep secret??? Lol
The better deal is Apple's family plan. I'm a lazy old fart. I have a large music collection from my CD days and play that on road trips. I recently took a trip halfway across the USA which was 32 hours of driving time each way. I didn't realize it until my return that I have something in the neighborhood of 40+ hours of audio so I didn't get a lot of repeats. Nonetheless, when I returned and wanted to listen to music, I tried the current Apple radio station. Yup, a...
I was surprised Apple limited the free access. Seems odd that music should cost more than Netflix.
Google caught me walking my dog on a day I took off of work! I shared the photo with the people at work.
Yes the ATV3 will be ok for basic home kit and TV viewing but I believe the new processor should be capable of becoming the core of a gaming console. Add in a Game Center App Store and you will need a beefier system. How beefy and where to draw the line between mini Mac and ATV becomes a tough call for Apple.
I'm looking forward to it. I'd like to see more generic intermediary products for HomeKit that go between the wall plug and appliance to lower the price. That way we can add automation to existing appliances without breaking the bank. I'm guessing that if the ATV hardware specs increase with lots more RAM, etc. that the price will also increase. I hope they can keep it at a reasonable price.
I was about to say the same thing but I doubt that the wastewater treatment system they would have would have a chlorine treatment step. It would be a relatively small system and would probably dispose of the effluent via a leachfield and no chlorine would be needed.
You forgot the USB-C connector "we are pushing manufacturers adopt the USB- connector...and it's flippable. How cool is that?" I laughed when I heard that one
That is funny. I've never married and have no kids. I paid for my nephew's college education and am thinking that the rest will go to charity. I wonder how common that is with people in similar situations?
Wouldnt it be ironic if the A10 chip was a 10 nm chip?
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