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I think it is entirely possible. After all, we have four more months to go in 2015. /s
No. I think the issue is that you are giving one person a heads up before giving the public at large the same heads up. Next time Apple may want to publish the email in the Apple PR section of their web site simultaneously with sending the message to Cramer. The sad thing is I just saw a news article claiming that the release was a desperate act to shore up the stock price to keep people from leaving Apple. The same site also bashed Apple when they didn't issue such...
Shouldn't it be denied on the same basis 'App Store' trademark was denied to Apple? That said, I stil, don't understand how 'Windows' was allowed to be trademarked but 'App Store' was not.
Updates for your equipment - advantage Apple.
Also from the Foss site are updates on the theft of Java fundamentals by Google from Oracle. Patents are meaningless if you have deep pockets.
That should give Samsung Pay a leg up when it comes to merchant acceptance, as merchants will not be forced to upgrade their payment terminals to work with NFC in order to accept Samsung Pay.... But don't they have to upgrade their terminals in the next couple of months anyway to accept the required chipped cards? I can't imagine merchants passing on upgrading to include NFC since they are upgrading anyway.
"UBS expects 'iPhone 6s' launch to push Apple's total Sept. quarter sales to record 49M"... You know what that means. Apple is doomed! /s
By not requiring that OEMs make security updates available to the phones' owners. Android isn't free and open like Linux. OEMs are required to have Google as the default search engine and retain other Google services. Funny how Google requires things of it's OEMs when it is in Google's interest but doesn't require things of OEMs By not including a requirement that OEMs make security updates available to users. Google requires licensees keep profitable Google services in...
To Google's credit, they applied the supplied fix quickly to their internal builds. On Android user's detriment, most will never be able to obtain the fix because of the way Google licenses Android.
 Good catch. I missed that part. I could see it being administrator selectable. Voice analysis for low risk homes (i.e. no teenage kids) and finger print analysis for homes with sensitive data and curious kids.
New Posts  All Forums: