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It doesn't surprise me. I have an original iPad and a Mini. I don't have a pressing need to buy new versions. I suspect that most people who would have bought tablets already bought them and as there are almost no moving parts and the batteries keep charges better than they used to, nobody is upgrading.
No risk? As of right now, Apple is out $439 million. I'd say Apple has more skin in the game than anyone else.
Actually it is nice to hear that someone finds it useful. I only have room air conditioners for two bedrooms so they aren't controlled by a smart system though they do come with remotes. My house is heated with a hydroponic system and the boiler is computer controlled so that the output is constantly adjusted based on outside temperature and the water return temperature. The result is that the system is at its most efficient when the temperature setting remains constant.
Is it just me but these products are too rich for my blood. I just don't see a reasonable cost/benefit outcome.
I hate to come to Sammy's defense but there is a big difference. The Ricoh camera is 360 degrees but not stereoscopic. If you were to look through a VR headset, it would be like needing to close one eye so you don't have any 3d information. With Samsung's solution you can look around and things are in 3d. That adds a lot to the realism.
Maybe not a consumer device but if you can do 3d walking tours of interesting places it can generate a fair amount of content easily and subsequently significant interest in Occulus products.
Looks like Microsoft is getting its act together. If I were the competitive fitness guy I was up until my 30s I'd consider it. I still keep fit but not to the point where I need to monitor my progress. A good addition would be an oxygen sensor. I think a lot of people would then use it as an informal PulseOx for sleep monitoring.
I was hoping that my iPhone 5s would support the upcoming Apple Pay when I bought it last winter. It won't but I will replace it with an iPhone that will when it comes time for a new phone. I haven't worn a watch opinion over a decade so that isn't an option. This is why I will upgrade to a new iPhone: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2532065-apple-pay-a-semi-monopoly-on-the-real-killer-app
An overlooked benefit to the retailer is that if their system is hacked, the hackers only have access to meaningless data that can't be reused or associated with an individual. There is no value in the data once the transaction is completed.
And so things keep changing. When I was in the grocery store today I noticed that the magazine section was removed. It was replaced with toilet paper (literally) that was on sale. The last few times I browsed the magazine rack nobody else showed up. As a kid that used to be the hangout. I would go to the store with my parents and hang out at the magazine rack until they left. More often than not I would buy a magazine. Those days are gone.
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