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I'm moving into a house on 3 floors in the new year and I am looking into getting an airport express to extend the wifi connection. Can I connect the ae via its wan port to my router and extend my existing wifi or do I have to create a different ssid? I'd like to have one seamless connection instead of separate wifi networks, and use the ae's airport functionality.
I'm having real problems exporting a motion file, everytime I do a lot of the layers flicker and dont render properly, I have tried this on 2 different mbps, I have a mac pro but it doesnt have the correct versions of fcp and motion the 2 I'm using have fcp 6 and motion 3, where as the pro has 5 & 2. Ideally i like to get the project onto the pro, which was why I was exporting instead of importing the motion files into fcp
Thanks, Thought as much but always good to check, unfortunately I live in England so can't quite get 4gb kits that cheap but there a lot cheaper than the last time I bought a RAM upgrade
Hi, I am going to buy a 2.4ghz white macbook(mainly because I need the fw) and am planning to upgrade the memory to 4gb when i get it. As the bus speed is 800mhz but apple only uses 667mhz memory as standard, will I get any performance increase by using 800mhz ram? Thanks
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