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thanks Tallest Skil
my son has forgotten his ipod touch password. is there any way to recover it
thanks tony   btw i dont play games now as i am 41 years old   its for my kids that i needed the info
can i play facebook games on ipad mini and ipod touch   if yes, do i need to download special software for it   thanks in advance
ok i found this link on google search   http://www.ilifegeeks.com/facetime-on-pc/   according to it face time for windows do not exist as of yet
does apple have version of facetime for windows users....................
i dont understand why dont Adobe sue apple for it to allow Adobe Flash on iphone and ipad???????????
no i am serious, i didnt follow the iphone 5 announcement fully 
apart from bigger screen and ligher weight whats the main difference between iphone 5 and 4S
why its called motorola mobility instead of simple motorola
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