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Didn't realize this was the MacRumors website.
All I want at this point are lower-case letters for the on-screen keyboard. Just cough up the money to use that functionality and put it in already.
No worries, there are plenty of other countries to take over as the low bid for human labor in the world.
I think that if you look at just iOS devices this can be said. With the ability to manage these devices with Apple's own tools or third-party software makes that possible. It's probably the only segment in Apple that's really made a point of trying to integrate with Enterprise environments. Basically, when they made Exchange work well in iOS and the developers came to the platform and delivered all the other tools people wanted it gained traction. However, even in this...
Good to see another countries middle class growing instead of vanishing I guess...ugh
I'm fine downloading software, but the issue isn't the download it's the fact that a purchase has to be tied to an iTunes account. If the APP has DRM then you need to also be logged in with that account. This causes serious issues in an Enterprise, much like the iPad does. The institution wants to always retain it's own purchases forever and so we end up managing hundreds of email aliases we use to generate iTunes accounts. It wouldn't be so bad, but there is also no model...
Refresh the Mac Pro design already... Don't refresh the MBP and force me to use Lion...ugh...you need to fix Lion first.
That's a good question considering corporations are "people" these days afterall....
As has already been stated this was done before and proved to do nothing for stimulating anything except the pockets of the already well to do. The same thing will happen again I'm pretty sure. I'm fairly convinced, although Warren gives me some hope, that the people who really have the means to turn life around for a lot of people will not, and will continue to hoard their stockpiles of cash and let this country, the very country that got them where they are,...
Such a terrible thing to deal with trying to balance Enterprise lock down and Consumer ease of use... Oh yeah, Apple doesn't care much about Enterprise...how could I forget.
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