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I'm glad we have not found life on another planet, you would want our government to send them money. ;-)It's really easy for you to sit in your armchair and solve the worlds problems with Apple's pocketbook.
The responsibility should be on the government of the country NOT on Apple regarding worker conditions! Apple hires contractors to supply a service, it would be pompous to impose rules on how the contractor conducts it's business that is for the government of the country. Layoff of Apple and write letters to the government of the country if you are so concerned!
 I say "Another patent Holding scum bucket" simply because in the new patent troll laws, a company will not be able to wait until another infringing company expends "sweat" making the technology successful then decide to sue. Thats exactly what ZiiLabs did. Secondly, Eastern District of Texas?? Really?? The whole process just stinks! I want ZiiLabs to get spanked heavily and learn a valuable lesson regarding patent trolling and set a president for all other trolls!
ZiiLabs in SINGAPORE hires a lawfirm in The Eastern District of Texas to sue Apple. Another patent Holding scum bucket looking for a payout. It will be great when they can no longer try for an injunction and they pay lawyers fees if they lose. I hope they lose this case quickly!
This is such an easy argument to win, If Apple doesn't innovate first and allow Samsung to copy, then consumers will get utterly useless mundane dog crap like the Samsung watch. Lets see how quickly Samsung copies Apple's new watch.....remember the Samsung engineer who said (about the watch), "We work on this soooooooooo long" and it was a monumental flop. That my friends, is Samsung innovation at its finest!
Am I missing something? Apple contracts Chinese manufactures who are sole entities running under the rule  of the Chinese government. If there are labor violations, let the Chinese government handle the problem. Lets stay out of their business. Not our problem. Why should a US company get involved in other Governments problems???
Work for Papermaster???? Pff, why? Jobs thought he was a hack B player and now he is disgruntled hack who is trying to save face. I feel bad for AMD.
Yes, Lets get another Billion from SlimeSung!
Some idiot scribbles an idea on a napkin and gets a patent. He doesn't have the brain power to actually create the product, yet, he has the right to sue someone who spends the hours developing and investing in the idea. Time to put an end to the free ride of all the PATENT TROLLS!!
New Posts  All Forums: