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i tried calling my iPhone number from Mac, but it says i need to 'update to the latest version of FaceTime'. anyone know why?
possibly because the non-hobby Apple TV is on its way.
Well said. Agree completely, it's a solid upgrade.
Does anyone know what, if any, major changes/features were added to Mail 4.3? PS. Is there anyway to subscribe via email for AI comment replies?
Apple needs to love Canada more.
I hope Schmidt gets invited. I want to see how he responds/reacts to Jobs in conversation.
I think that number will drop much lower when the 4G launches. At least the 4G's design is worthy of an upgrade, IMHO. It's a real upgrade in terms of design *and* speed. I love my first-gen. The battery still lasts a day, and it's extremely hardy. Also feels a lot less "disposable" than the 3G/3GS.
That surprised me too. But hey, it's the Legal department after all.
Sasktel is stupid for saying that. But if you're going to violate the confidentiality agreement, as least make it WORTHWHILE. who the fuck doesn't know it'll be released around the "June timeframe"?
Do you think the new 2.4 MBP13 is worth upgrading from last year's 2.26?
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