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I wonder how many of the sales are from people who originally planned to get the 3G, but couldn't control themselves. "I need my iPad fix...NOW."
I wonder how fast the MBP13 i3 would be compared to the current entry level MBP13 2.26ghz c2d
As much as I like Adium, I wish they added MSN to iChat.
Sweet, i've been waiting for this announcement since Chrome first rolled out.
i believe Steve announced 5x optical zoom today.
iPad Wi-fi launch, iPhone OS 4.0, iPad 3G launch, MacBook refresh, next-gen iPhone...Apple is on a roll.
I like how the Wi-Fi chip is housed behind the plastic logo for better reception.
Take that, Eric Schmidt.
I always think Apple wants to make their products wear out faster, in an aesthetic sense. Personally my iPhone screen has held up pretty well, but this seems to encourage those with scratched screens to update to a newer model. Same with MBPs, as the aluminum scratches pretty easily, although it is really sturdy. Apple makes really durable products, but they get scratched pretty easy (in the case of the iPhone/iPod touch, the back very easily scratched). Any thoughts?
I guess there are only 120k truely brave/stupid fanboys that would buy it before seeing/using it in person (aside from the 0.01% that actually has).
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