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Eric Schmidt is a sleazeball, and AppleInsider is the perfect place for me to say this.
Aperture is a professional desktop app, whereas iWork apps for iPad are still iPhone OS apps, however productive they are.
Seriously? Flip phones are on their way to being obsolete. The BB Pearl is the ugliest phone I've ever seen.
Word. The aluminum back should definitely make a comeback, and if it does, it will be more sculpted & feel better in the hand.
Considering the iPad's (future) capabilities/potential, $499 seems a tad high for only 16GB.
Today was only the first step...or the first day of the "month". http://bit.ly/bIBP1o
My predictions, on the last few hours of the pre-Tablet era. http://bit.ly/cdWBaG
If I have an interview for a non-retail job at Apple soon, and have written blogs/tweets about Apple, should I tell the recruiter about them? As for the content, I haven't badmouthed Apple, but mainly just commented on the company's recent news and wrote a post for my tablet predictions. Any feedback is appreciated, and include why you think I should/shouldn't mention it. Thanks.
I bet the "Come see our latest creation" was made on a Apple tablet.
Perhaps two-finger swipes will be used for switching between apps running simultaneously.
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