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Biggest question...will the i5 be offered on the MBP 13" at the first refresh stage, or later on? It's the cash cow.
Dell has such an ugly logo. It completely degrades whatever product that has it slapped on
I never liked The Schmidt. He reminds me of Microsoft. To me, he seems like the exact opposite of Google's "Do no evil" motto. Anyone with me? I'm also surprised/disappointed that the Apple board didn't kick him out earlier. Obviously there were mutual benefits and goals, but Google seems to have ripped off Apple too much as of late. Aside from moving iTunes online, acquiring Lala seemed like a "hey, fuck off" from Apple to Google.
He won't get it this year.
it's awkward to bookmark, but if they fix that, this might just be my new default browser. i hate it when Safari crashes and loses every tab/window i have. and reopening them often loses a few along the way. i like the tabs on top (when it looks this good), the omnibar, and obviously the speed.
The best products deserve to be the chart-toppers. Fuck netbooks.
im trading up my plastic macbook for a 13" MBP. instead of cloning my existing drive, will it work fine if i just take it out and put it into the MBP? thanks.
yeah it's sad because i actually bought a MM that day. because there won't even be $5 off any other day of the year...
Really, really interested in seeing Apple's answer to GMaps. Will an Apple street team drive around the world to map everything out like Google StreetView? i think it'll likely make use of the Compass feature and maybe even augmented reality.
i think Apple might be doing this in part to counter what Carmack said (they could've posted the job listing any other time...why now?!). it certainly doesn't want people starting to question if Apple is embarassed of the touch being a gaming device.
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