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I have a fuzzy feeling that tells me the device will cost $799.
BRING BLACK BACK. this would look much better (and much less tackier) in matte black. it would probably appear thinner too. i think Apple is worried that if they brought black back it may cannibalize sales of the 13" MBP.
Anyone know if the new iMac can also be used as an external monitor? If so, is there any way to hook up a DVI macbook to it? Thanks.
I agree. 1) The Palm Pre is underrated, with less than stellar build quality. I think the fluid, multi-tasking 'card' layout really deserves more mention.2) The Android handsets somehow haven't caught on to mainstream despite HTC rolling out a nice model almost every other day. Probably due to unappealing carrier contracts and that mostly geeks know about Android. And the processors are a bit slow.3) The Motorola CLIQ (also Android) is a nice first try with good social...
I'm believe the new MM will have a slick surface (glass that doesn't look like glass), similar to the multi-touch trackpads, but it would be interesting to see how they can successfully incorporate the multi-touch gestures on a mouse..an iPad without the tablet capabilities (to keep the price down) might be more useful.
The lucky dude with the now-famous Mac Mini should tell us what build it is.
can u run the new MBPs on AC power with the battery out? you know, for times when you're at home and don't want to keep charging/decharging
it's like Categories from Cydia, except much sleeker and faster to load
Secrecy makes Apple products sexier and more exciting. It would be boring if they lay down their product roadmap like many other companies do.
where's the mouse in the cat & mouse game? :P
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