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if only matte screens could pop colors...
The winter tree wallpaper in the screenshots looks great! Can't imagine if Snow Leopard released with the same sort of funky/wacky wallpapers in Win7 RC1. 0_0
i wish Safari made each tab a separate process, a la Chrome. Tabs on Top would be good too, as long as it looked better than how it was before. Looking forward to Chrome when it supports Flash!
Well-said. I completely agree. Stiffer competition is better for consumers (in terms of price, innovation, features) and developers (more choice of platforms, companies might be more lenient in order to attract devs).
PS. Although the new loading looks great, I miss the liquid-filled loading animation, because it actually told you how the loading was progressing.
Re: tabs on top Maybe Apple didn't want to look like it was copying Google Chrome, and also because it didn't quite fit in with the overall UI (no other program uses it).
i can doodle a bit, but i don't think i can say i'm an artist, so to speak.i'm definitely concerned about paint scratching off, or have blobs/uneven surfaces, which would ruin the whole thing.
yeah i checked that out, but they don't ship to Canada. and i'm not sure if they can make it glossy. can't seem to find a pic of a black colorware MM
I'm planning to make my Mighty Mouse black. Does anyone know the right procedure to use with spray paint, and what specific kind of paint to buy (glossy, primer, etc.)? Thanks.
i wonder if the house is haunted. is this from when he was still living there?
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