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I wonder if the Jackling House is haunted. PS. Is this pic from when Steve was living there?
That is one thicka$$ bezel. While it's good news that the price is much lower than the (original) LED Cinema Display, couldn't they at least try to change the design instead of just thickening the bezel?!
i agree. competition is good. how worthy it turns out to be is another story.
here's what i think Apple's netbook will be like: http://nquo.blogspot.com and i hope it's not an e-reader! although i'm sure Apple would throw in some cool features if it did. but a netbook would probably have a much broader appeal
Great shots! i def. like how it looks, not so much how it functions. i prefer visual feedback to audio feedback (it's faster & seems less gimmicky)
good point, but i think it became news because everyone is so curious as to what the next version will be like.
the prototype's keyboard still has the  button on it!
New Posts  All Forums: