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Whether that is the case or not, artists must eventually find a way to reconcile themselves with the demands of the distribution/listening medium or media. And streaming is a very, very big deal. It's here to stay, so long as those providing it can offer an equitable business model. Apple is currently in the best position in this regard. 
Yes she's available. She should make her latest albums available inmediately on Apple Music. My mistake for not making that clear in my post.
Apple Music was a breath of fresh air for me. I was a little reticent about the idea of streaming; I still prefer to own my music. However, the convenience of Apple Music, the fun, dead-easy interface, and the ability to easily *discover* music, convinced me to subscribe once the trial period is over. Apple's entire music library - ALL OF IT - there for me to enjoy whenever I like. It's an easy sale. I still buy my music. Apple Music is actually a nice way to decide what...
Manufacturing issues existed under Steve Jobs' watch as well. From iBook logic board issues to video-card issues with the early unibody MacBook Pros. Don't take my word for it, look it all up.On average, however, even on their worst days, Apple still rules in terms build quality, service and support, from cradle to grave.No one is taking a laissez-faire attitude here. But it's important that our perspective be realistic. It's a good way to keep your blood pressure in check.
Shit happens, unfortunately. Even Apple isn't perfect.  Have a look at the junk peddled by the competition for a little bit of perspective. 
Nah, it's just "pent up demand" for Swiss watch makers' game-changing range of upcoming smartwatches.                 
When it sounds like bullshit (i.e., someone treating their anecdotal experience as representative of the whole), it requires correction or at least a request for clarification.
For you, or for everyone else also?What do you mean by "too often"?
Stick a fork in it already, Microsoft!   Jeezuss...  don't do a Zune on this, too!  Kill it before it just sits there withering embarrassingly. 
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