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Don't count on Rogers or Bell in Canada doing this sort of thing anytime soon. 
Oh wow... this is beautiful.
That photo frightens me. 
Pretty sure we can afford to wait on this one.
Ok. And? It's still a PC not running OS X. Apple are the Gold Standard of computers for a reason. And a fingerprint sensor isn't going to change anything when any third-rate tech outfit can slam together a box and shove some back-asswards version of Windows on it.
She knows what all the other SJ biopic drop-outs know:   It's not a comic-book superhero/JJ Abrams movie.   There won't be any insane camera shake, nor any lens flare.   You'll be able to see things.   We can't have that, now can we. 
It's a series of tubes.
I somehow doubt that "complication" should be mentioned in connection with your consumer tech product. No matter what it's supposed to mean.
None here, and don't really care.   Take care of your stuff, folks.    Simple as that.    Story sounds bogus, anyway. Another double-digits out of tens of millions or whatnot.    *moving right along*
New Posts  All Forums: