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But owning apps and having those apps actually installed, are two different things. I own hundreds of apps, but they are not all installed at the same time. I'm apparently a great customer (by this standard, anyway), but how I manage my files is completely up to me. Including how my phone performs in light of my personal use case. I can't really blame a smartphone for kinda cocking up when it has to manage 700 apps. If it sounds excessive (and as far general use cases go,...
 Whole different ballgame with such niche-use cases.  Granted, repeating boot-loops are an extreme consequence, but to expect no consequences for using a system in ways that are way outside normal use cases is rather silly. 
 How are you equating number of Apps for sale to App ownership? How do you figure that number of Apps owned will rise in direct proportion to number of Apps for sale?     
Don't blame the user? What? Sometimes folks use systems and frameworks and doohickeys in ways in which they weren't designed to be used, or in ways which are so obscure, rare, and isolated from the norm, that the design of that system, framework, or doohickey, will inevitably fail the user. Murphy's Second Corollary It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. The OS X file system, for instance, can handle a situation in which nearly all...
That is one BIG phone. Anyway, niche-use cases, like the one under ah.... "discussion", don't count for anything.
Foxconn is an Apple partner. Apple needs to visit their partners from time to time. It's part of any functioning business relationship.No part of your comment will change either the wild success of the iPhone, or the sheer amount of profit it pulls in for Apple, or its absolute domination of every smartphone consumer satisfaction metric since its debut.I know that last part probably stings - a lot. But that's the reality in which you're making your comment.
Apple's response is GOLD.
The word of the day is "iterative", apparently, and in an altogether unflattering way. Folks were expecting time travel and holographic porn. Instead they got just a "better" iPad.
paygate. But I've been preempted masterfully, I see.
Not quite in the tech realm. You know exactly what was meant. You're just being clever here, but being contrarian purely for its own sake doesn't change the situation.  It was a commonly-held belief that Microsoft and OEMs won the PC "wars." That's the phrasing that was (and still is) used. It is within the context of *that* particular meaning in which I made my comment.  You already know this, though. Whether you think the phrasing is grammatically or technically...
New Posts  All Forums: