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I'm saying the arguments *for* are specious and tiresome.  It won't delay any iPhone rollout any more than before. 
inb4 "Apple is in bed with the military-industrial complex" comments. Oh wait....
You're right, of course. Doesn't bode too well for other players in the industry looking to differentiate themselves. 
Who?   Another outfit that just slams together a box and sticks someone else's bad, unoptimized OS on it isn't an Apple competitor. They compete with all the other outfits that don't understand how to do a vertical business model right.   Those who truly care about their hardware do their own software, and vice versa.
You still aren't making any sense.You're assuming that it's logical for a complex component to somehow fail more often than a comparatively simpler component. And while this *might* be true, a manufacturing issue knows no bounds when it comes to complexity or simplicity.There is no perfect Quality Control. And it doesn't make any difference whether a part is simple or complex.
  http://www.macworld.com/article/1035666/ibookrepair.html Even under Steve, shit happens.  Like your trolling, for example.  "iPhone camera does not have this problem is previous generations." ​And?  This doesn't make any sense. Problems during manufacture can happen at *any* time during the various generations of a product.  Duh.
Straight outta Compton! Crazy m......
Windows 10 Is still Windows. Same crap that pushed me right to a Mac in the mid 90s. In terms of culture, attention to design, and the (de)humanizing of interfaces meant to be used by actual PEOPLE... it's the same company. Very little has changed.
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