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Doomed. Those iPhone sales, tho.... Not only have Apple managed to push out the best iPhone they've ever made (both of them), but they've yet again produced the finest smartphone (both of them) the market has ever seen. The iPhone was released in June 2007, and to this very day it remains the single most sought-after piece of consumer tech, bar none. It's not by accident. They'll get iCloud sorted out. All those services have to run on something, and Apple...
Might wanna wait until the Apple Watch is actually released and folks have a chance to actually use the shipping product, before trying to make sweeping statements about it. God I miss Steve™ Lol Let him go already, guys.
If I wanted a MacBook... and so on.
The fools in Redmond don't seem to understand that a new Cortana bullet-point is NOT a selling-point.    What's next?   Lumia . . . er . . . Windows Phone . . .  er . . .  Microsoft Phone(?) KILLER FEATURES:   - They turn on - Speakers - Can make calls   Only a matter of time before MS axes this dead platform completely. But, Zune-like, they love to prolong the bleeding. It was already too late at the close of Windows Phone's first year on the market. THAT was...
So Pegatron et al plan to get into the Sapphire biz. I see what they did there.
Asphalt 8 is fantastic. Lots of fun, and it plays as great as it looks.
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rightsI'd say you're high, but you managed to crank out nine words without spelling errors.Which in this case is even more troubling.
This is the kind of misdirection the DOJ needs in order to get a foot in the door. It isn't about saving children. That's simply an excuse designed to get Apple to make the Big Concession.
"Mere gender issues"?"Inventing 'rights'"?Is this a cultural thing? It isn't bigotry so much as ignorance.You're perceving some sort of rights one-upmanship. There isn't any, though.
LGBT issues are "human issues" in general. Injustice is injustice, and you don't need to be suffering from a particular social injustice in order to empathize with those affected by it. If LGBT issues happen to be "agenda-driven" in this case, then great. I'm all for supporting such "agendas."
New Posts  All Forums: