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iPad shelf life is far, far longer than some folks expected. It's actually testament to how great a device it is.
The new Microsoft Reality.    Would have been smarter to accept it years ago...   http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2012/01/30/steve-ballmer-willing-to-pay-230-per-phone-to-beat-apple-google/   But you know how Microsoft management was (and still is.)  
- Touch ID entry.- Dinner already curated "for you" and divided into neat playlists.- A virtual Drake appears offering cooking tips.- Siri offers Sandra-Bullock-in-Demolition-Man style sex.(Sorry. Anything more would compromise battery life.)
Sales were smooth.
How sad is it when what is *supposed* to be a premier mobile platform from a company with all those resources – that has been in the mobile market in earnest since 2010, uses a comparison to fledgling smartwatch sales as a means of puffery.  Wtf. Really. 
I should hope it's decent.    It's really the only market left for MS.    They've been shut out of mobile almost completely.    Same old same old. Windows and Office retreads. 
It's often because it's "the government" that's somehow involved, and these folks are completely pants-on-head paranoid about anything to do with it, even when it's actually for everyone's benefit. 
https://www.skepticalscience.com/Record-snowfall-disproves-global-warming.htm   Enjoy.    And even if you don't believe a word of that, realize that the air you're experiencing with your head lodged up your ass is about what you'd be breathing in long-term in urban environments.
That isn't the point. You're worrying about the stated purpose when the OTHER by-product is just as bad, that the stated purpose just happens to address.   Air quality.
 The operative term is carbon emissions.  Do you NOT think this is a problem notwithstanding your opinion on "global warming"? http://news.stanford.edu/news/2008/january9/co-010908.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_pollution It's what you're breathing, that is linked to large carbon foortprints multiplied person to person, corporation to corporation, industry to industry. Don't worry about the "global warming" issue – if you're so averse to it, when the efforts in...
New Posts  All Forums: