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These are the kinds of delusions that made Microsoft the laughing-stock of the industry. It's heart-warming to see as many folks like you as possible validate their outrageously retarded strategies. If enough of you are doing it, that only means more Ballmerian comedy for the rest of us to enjoy. After all, Satya is just a more attractive, somewhat less brain-damaged Ballmer. A Microsoft company-man through and through. The results of which are obvious. The Surface line of...
It makes absolutely no difference, since Microsoft's frankentablet has next to zero traction in the market. Comsumers don't really care about yet another attempt by Microsoft to become relevant by aping Apple poorly.
As opposed to all the other features it *does* include.An equitable trade, if there ever was one.
According to the latest Mac sales figures, that's absolutely correct. And they don't come cheap, as you know.
Thank you for your sanity.
Microsoft's attempt at relevance in an industry that's passing them by. They're just another app/software company among many. Nothing really exciting, nothing to see, with whatever that actually *can* capture the imagination, destined for vaporware, or the portfolio of the faster, leaner and meaner competition that can do it better and actually SHIP.
iOS is also its strength. No explanation necessary at this point as to why.
Agreed with Tim. Nice to see this side of Apple.
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