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This ^^^ is why America is a social nightmare.I don't always agree with the SCOTUS. On some issues they haven't legislated far enough in terms of the social good. It was, however, nice to see recent strides made in Hate Crime legislation. But for once on the LGBT front, they're *finally* legislating like it really is 2015.
It says a great deal when Canada and other modern democratic countries have had gay marriage including full LGBT rights for YEARS, and are perfectly fine with it. It isn't even an issue.Gay marriage isn't the problem. American cultural values ARE the problem. Backward and divisive, they're in the toilet.
Apple isn't just any organization. It's the Apple of 2015.    Their products aren't just products. They're part of our lifestyles. They're a part of most things we do, one way or the other. The tech world at large, and even folks beyond it, look to Apple to chart the way forward in terms of how technology fits with our lifestyles, and what that all means in the larger tapestry of the way we communicate every day.    It's only natural for folks to wonder about – and...
Good for them.   It's great to see Apple spread out a bit and get involved in socially progressive activities. 
Lmao  THIS.  ^^^   Well said.
 Makes sense. Thank you.  I'm not sure whether saving for offline is actually saving it in the sense that it's mine (as in, I've bought the music file, as part of a monthly flat-rate fee), but it does allow me to at least save on data.  I'll admit that the service is way more convenient than messing around with 320kb mp3 files, not to mention FLAC files (and saving them to the appropriate player app, etc.) I can enjoy my high-quality files at home, while turning to Apple...
 Yes, this is my concern as well. Streaming appears to be all well and good, until you consider your data plan. In that respect it *seems* to be the same as sitting on YouTube, notwithstanding the way dedicated streaming services organize and serve up content.  I've got a 10gb data plan, but fooling around with streaming services for extended periods seems to spell trouble. 
How will this affect my carrier data plan?   I assume that streaming is like any other form of data usage (that is, while on LTE, not wireless.)   I already "stream" YouTube music (videos that I listen to with phone in pocket) at the gym. It's not as carefully organized a method, but I often loop the same one or two songs. Beyond that, I usually enjoy my music collection on my Mac, rather than on my iPhone or iPad.    Other than that, I already own most of the music...
They are? Well then! I'm thunderstruck.
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