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If true, it is pretty ridiculous. 
You owe me a tea.I spit mine out.
Welcome, Samsung. Seriously.
Some of those cons... really aren't. No weather proofing? I had to do a double-take, unless a magnificent bit of trolling just happened and I missed it completely. Oh, and PhilBoogie is my AI Hero for the day.
The 6+ is not a pants-pocket phone unless you're Ronald McDonald.    TAKE CARE OF YOUR THINGS, bottom line. 
They can also axe QuickType while they're at it (yes, I've turned it off, but I'll rant about it anyway.)   While I get the whole draw of predictive text implementations (it encourages laziness, in my book), it's just not working for me. Yes, for me. YMMV, but I find it annoying and not very useful. It's right some of the time, and even when it's right often, my attention is pulled in two different directions at once - to the keyboard where I am focusing on typing the...
Examples of the iPhone camera's potential.   Keven Russ:   http://iphonephotographyschool.com/kevin-russ/   http://grid.vsco.co/journal/vsco-cam-kevin-russ   Ben Lowy:   http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/181700/ben-lowy-photographs-libya-with-his-new-iphone-hipstamatic-lens/   http://connect.dpreview.com/post/6401294793/photojournalist-lowy-shares-favorite-image-eyem   Enjoy. 
   Well done, sir! Truth. 
 Ah, thank you for the correction, Serendip. 
Yes, Apple has a way of creating them. It's what happens when you actually give a damn about what you're putting your name to.
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