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Did he KNOW about backups? Because on an iPhone, iCloud prompts you immediately upon setup.
Some of the other phone purveyors would love to achieve the 5C's share.
This made my evening. Thank you. It just reads so well.
So what.   Record quarter just past, selling all the right things in terms of the market. 
Apple rules the platinum end of the PC retail market. That's all you need to know. The barrier is price, because Apple doesn't ship junk. Macs are the best the market has to offer, they are also the most PROFITABLE in the PC biz, and they rule consumer satisfaction for nearly a decade now.Apple won the PC wars by doing a vertical business model RIGHT.Want a Mac? Great. Be prepared to pay, because quality and attention to detail like THAT doesn't come at Acer or Dell...
Time to downgrade Apple.
HOW exactly, is a messenger app worth BILLIONS??   This is getting a little ridiculous, and for some reason fills me with a sense of foreboding. Something just isn't right about trends like this. 
I still have mine. Runs iOS 7 great and everything I throw at it runs beautifully.    It was and still is a great device. 
  Well done.    ;) 
  Credit where it's due. This is APPLE. They seem to (consistently) understand design.  My level-headed admonishment vs. all the "Apple should do X or their mobile strategy will collapse" posts in this thread. Choose the one that consistently makes the most sense from *both* a market share perspective *and* a profit perspective. Note that the current Apple designed phones (such bezels!) sold to the tune of 51 million in the quarter just passed, which is a new record for...
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