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Folks don't tend to upgrade their iPads with nearly as much frequency as some might like to think.   *shrugs* Phones are a different story. 
Oh my god. 
I'd have to agree. I'm running it on an early 2008 (no, that's not a typo) MacBook Pro 15-inch, 6GB RAM. Runs nicely, fans are quiet.
Or just put down the tech and sit in zazen.   We need balance. 
Whatever tech is behind it, my iPhone 6's fingerprint sensor works quite literally 100% of the time. Apple nailed it. This is what I like to see. Shipping a finished, polished, working product.
Perfectly by the author. Innovators in this market must SHIP.
Look Ma . . .       no Big Ass Headsets™  !
A larger, wall-mounted version of an 8-year old, failed product... the Surface table? A not-ready-for-primetime prototype (HoloLens) with no software, or idea of practical use? (At least Google had some semblance of software and developer community for Glass... And even that failed.) The ongoing effort to force portions of a mobile device UI on desktop users, in spite of the failure of Windows 8 to achieve popularity doing the same thing? This is essentialy Microsoft's...
 It reminds me of what MS tried to do with tablets pre-iPad. They were just bad... clunky, unwieldy slabs that never got any traction. 
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