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12,000 people are selling stuff out of their cars.   
I'll wager most of us up here barely remember it, and not on account of being ill-informed.
I could barely recall this one.It was about tuition fee increases in Quebec, "from $2,168 to $3,793 between 2012 and 2018."Those figures are per year. Yes, PER YEAR.Sometimes we forget just how low our tuition is for a first-class education.
And the Canadian economy is mixed, a combination of capitalism and "socialism."   We do well enough with it.   Social programs and socially-minded policy is essential for the collective good. 
 We've had it up here (Canada) since forever, and as part of policy since the 70s.  We've been doing just fine by it. 
What I do to clean the display is simply spot-clean with a damp to very mildly wet cloth, and just very *gently* rub only small areas that show dirt or spots under reflected light. I do this for a large Sammy LCD display as well as for my early 2008 MacBook Pro's display. If I need to get close to the edges I only use a mildly damp cloth and just gently drag it around. All this is to say that's it's usually a bad idea to do full-on wipes with wet cloths, especially at...
Don't fret, it's nothing new. http://www.slashgear.com/yup-apples-new-if-you-dont-have-an-iphone-campaign-is-out-17140610/ It works.
Macs ride out every storm. Been this way for over a decade. 
Pages is great at what it does: the hybrid word processing/dtp component of Apple's "works" suite.    ClarisWorks, for instance, comes to mind. I chose its writing component over a full-blown word processor every time. Worked beautifully.    And these days I choose Pages for the same reasons that many others do.   If you want a full-blown word processor that doesn't look and work like ass, Mellel is your made-for-the-mac choice. In fact, as a purist's word processor,...
 Windows Phuneral.
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