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  SHIPPING PRODUCT I CAN BUY TOMORROW FOR *NOT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS* AND THAT I CAN JUST TURN ON AND USE AND NOT HAVE A BIG HONKING PIECE OF SHIT ON MY HEAD? Is it? Can I? No? Big Ass Table™ situation.  And thanks for nothing (again), MS.  More niche-nonsense. This is the kind of stuff that is a concept/prototype that is best left in the lab UNTIL it can be fashioned into something light, intimate, usable...  where form marries function perfectly. Instead MS shoved it into...
Dear god.... And now you see why this company is totally lost in current market dynamics.
All aboard the Litigi-Bus!
Force Touch It flows through all rumoured iPhones in existence. Stretch out with your Apple ID.
Corporate and government IT departments are by nature the antithesis of the humanity and intimacy that Apple brings to tech. Apple needs a "drone who can talk to other drones" in this area. Most folks in this area don't speak Apple's language and can't really be inspired to do so, unless someone accustomed to catering to their habits and ways of thinking can shift the discourse just a bit and sell them on something new (and better.)
But it's just a content consumption dev..... oh wait
*rolleyes* Such a non-event. But whaddyagonnado...
Michael Scott couldn't have allowed this... because he would have fired everyone before anyone could have thought of it.
So unless I've got specific preferences, Pocket Casts it is, then.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
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