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I know what it is. It's just *also* funny, for other reasons.    Any word on compatibility? I assume the list is the same.
"El Capitan"?   Really??  
Can't blame them, really...   iPhones have the best quality cameras in the mobile biz (and it's about much, much more than just megapixels.)
GTAT.   Figures. 
 I knew there was a totally reasonable explanation. 
The best GDI unit. 
Apple's basket is nearly all of consumer tech - that is, the big areas that draw the crowds.The most profitable PCs- the most profitable AIOs- the most profitable notebooksThe most profitable tabletsThe most profitable smartphonesAnd now, the most profitable smartwatchNot to mention services like iTunes, etc. Additionally, an entire industry has grown up around accessorizing and enhancing all of these products. Apple makes $$$ like no other, and it's right across the board...
Scott would do better being the boss than working for one. That's (likely) part of what his problem was at Apple.
Shades of 2007.
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