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  Well done.    ;) 
  Credit where it's due. This is APPLE. They seem to (consistently) understand design.  My level-headed admonishment vs. all the "Apple should do X or their mobile strategy will collapse" posts in this thread. Choose the one that consistently makes the most sense from *both* a market share perspective *and* a profit perspective. Note that the current Apple designed phones (such bezels!) sold to the tune of 51 million in the quarter just passed, which is a new record for...
I'm pretty sure that if Apple has plans to do a larger iPhone, they'll know exactly how to do it.
I do agree, his reasons do sound a little off. However, not everyone's reasons are going to sound rational to others. Some folks aren't about money, or they actually fear having it. Others can't handle any amount of fame - or they think they could and when it happens they feel cornered. There are brilliant (and not so brilliant) but very reclusive and eccentric people out there, who are motivated in vastly different ways than what were used to, and who react to certain...
In the final reckoning, Apple won the desktop wars.
  Or everyone in the country defines, collectively, what is and is not customary/permissible for the institutions and individuals therein.  What is the acceptable, cultural norm for you and me might not be for them, and vice-versa. What we might find completely rude behaviour by the average Chinese (and I've noticed a lot of Westerners find their attitude rather dismissive and rough - and perhaps it's a legitimate reaction to the way *we* are), they might find completely...
 Alright, I hadn't considered this. Mea culpa. This makes more sense.  So am I correct in assuming that this explains Samsung's order? Is there a relationship between the two?
Is this a cultural thing?   Is this how South Koreans conduct themselves?   I know that it *seems* like the ebb and and flow of cutthroat competition, but stuff like this doesn't make Samsung look good - obviously. Do they not realize this??   Hope someone can answer. 
Steve wanted a lot of things back in the day.    He was probably also relieved that he didn't do some of those things. At the end of the day, OS X ran on Macs. End of story.    Additionally, a lot of claims can be made about Steve after his passing. Yes, Steve probably liked Sony and its folk. And yes, this could also be right up there with the rest of the "Elvis was my dad!" fish-stories. 
Pretty genius when there's legit demand for your superseded, older hardware (that *still* impresses in design.)   It is, after all, a conduit to Apple's ecosystem. That alone is a big draw.  
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