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Pages is great at what it does: the hybrid word processing/dtp component of Apple's "works" suite.    ClarisWorks, for instance, comes to mind. I chose its writing component over a full-blown word processor every time. Worked beautifully.    And these days I choose Pages for the same reasons that many others do.   If you want a full-blown word processor that doesn't look and work like ass, Mellel is your made-for-the-mac choice. In fact, as a purist's word processor,...
 Windows Phuneral.
It wasn't just Ballmer's doing. Satya inherited the foundation laid by Gates, which just played out very naturally under Ballmer.    Microsoft has always been a dog of a company. ALWAYS.   When they weren't busy shoving bad software into cheap junk-boxes, they were busy stealing from Apple (and doing it poorly)* and holding back the rest of the industry from any sort of meaningful innovation.    Those who care about what they're doing don't license their product to...
"Collapsing sales" here means destroying the competition in this space almost overnight and ruling it as the de facto choice.   if there's an issue (i.e., lack of interest), it's not an Apple Watch issue, it's a smartwatch segment issue. That much is clear. 
Yep, something like that.Windows Phone was DOA the moment it was released in 2010. In true MS (and more specifically, zune-like) fashion, they hung on to a loser product for AGES.Forever zuning it.
I agree on the cell network point, though.
     You mean (something like) this: "They do have the right to do what they just did: pull support from an older version. They could go even further and block old versions from accessing cellular and Internet services. I don't think they would do so, but if a bad enough exploit existed they could. So much of the iPhone's functionality lives on the network now." ​I could see a situation where that's legit.  
No update gets installed without your permission.  Prior to each update, you are presented with terms and conditions to which you have the choice of agreeing. 
By clicking Agree (prior to each and every update) you do consent to it.No iOS update gets installed without your permission.
You don't actually own the software (iOS) running on your phone. You do, however, *have a license to use it*. You have a license to use Apple's property. Same goes for OS X. The Apple Police won't come knocking on your door if you futz around with it, but Apple is within their right to prevent you (via technical methods *to which you agreed*) or to otherwise enable you to use it as they (not you) intend. This is nothing new. And you've already agreed to all of the terms...
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