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The Apple Watch just did an iPhone on the watch industry.
Very nice to see.    Nice to see our American neighbours move forward on this. A little late, but better later than never. 
Why make contrarian posts when *you already know* it'll be completely dominant? It'll be a massive hit and will redefine the watch industry. It'll do to watches what the iPhone did to mobile phones.  And "low sales" in relation to WHAT, exactly?  In relation to all other smart watches, it'll far outsell. If the smart watch industry is small to begin with, you need to prepare for high sales *in relation* to the size of the current smart watch market.  But here's the real...
The big market is the Prosumer market.    And frankly, it's for the better.    Apple has been addressing this market - much to their advantage (and in more ways than not, to my own benefit) - for a number of years now. 
 Use Lightroom then. Most Pros have moved to it a long time ago.  Mac sales continue to be healthy. 
I'll probably move my library over to Photos and simply do brush-related adjustments in another app.    Besides, there are plenty of image editors and editor-cum-organizers out there for OS X. 
No matter how good some of the OS X native productivity apps are, I'll always miss ClarisWorks.    It came with my PowerPc 6100/60 back in Summer of '94, and I was hooked. 
I stopped bothering with MS Word years ago.    http://www.mellel.com   Besides, the last great Word for Mac was 5.1. 
Might be an interesting opportunity for the Pixelmator team to consider integrating photo library management/workflow into their app.   Jussayin'.....
Are there any adjustment brushes like there were in Aperture?   Skin smoothing, Definition, etc.   Things like this:    
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