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So the iPhone will go from the best-selling smartphone . . . to the best-selling smartphone.    Makes sense. 
MS can talk all they like.    Meanwhile their entire mobile strategy barely has any traction in the market. 
Oh my god... the grammar. :/
My car already has all the windows it needs.    And they aren't poorly-designed or maddeningly frustrating. 
  Yes, but very rarely. For me, at least, it's not to any degree that cuts into the experience.  I guess I simply rely on it a lot these days and it's really come through. 
Wanna know what's "magic"?   iMessage and FaceTime.    I've been using both of these now on a regular basis (that is, VERY regularly), and they've practically melted into the background to the degree that I just take both of them for granted now. I could be on iMessage on my Mac, and my iPhone simply knows I'm reading iMessages on my Mac. The level of syncing here works beautifully. Across all devices. So well that it's all pretty much invisible.    THAT is magic:...
... thus rendering the Surface even more pointless.
I doubt Apple are worried. Amazon's track record in the consumer space - with mobile devices in particular, is spotty at best. They're good as purveyors of content and other merchandise, but they aren't a mover and shaker on the level of Apple and I dare say Samsung. Once Apple introduces a serious contender in this space (TV plans, etc), Amazon and the others will be relegated to the level of an afterthought. This all depends on whether Apple treats this space as an...
Zzzzz . . .    MS finally moved its ass to tack on a Siri clone.
Juries will keep deciding against Samsung - pointing out the painfully obvious. And Samsung will keep gaming the system in order to stall, reduce fines, appeal, and so on. I fully support Apple's continued efforts, though. There's absolutely no reason to let up on this.
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