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That is one BIG phone. Anyway, niche-use cases, like the one under ah.... "discussion", don't count for anything.
Foxconn is an Apple partner. Apple needs to visit their partners from time to time. It's part of any functioning business relationship.No part of your comment will change either the wild success of the iPhone, or the sheer amount of profit it pulls in for Apple, or its absolute domination of every smartphone consumer satisfaction metric since its debut.I know that last part probably stings - a lot. But that's the reality in which you're making your comment.
Apple's response is GOLD.
The word of the day is "iterative", apparently, and in an altogether unflattering way. Folks were expecting time travel and holographic porn. Instead they got just a "better" iPad.
paygate. But I've been preempted masterfully, I see.
Not quite in the tech realm. You know exactly what was meant. You're just being clever here, but being contrarian purely for its own sake doesn't change the situation.  It was a commonly-held belief that Microsoft and OEMs won the PC "wars." That's the phrasing that was (and still is) used. It is within the context of *that* particular meaning in which I made my comment.  You already know this, though. Whether you think the phrasing is grammatically or technically...
Apple won the PC wars. Just not in the way anyone really expected. Doing vertical development *right* = a superior product. And you can happily charge for it.
Amazing numbers. So what does Satya Nadella throw? Chairs? Disparaging comments about raises for women in the workplace? Kinect units? I'm all confuzzled.
The moment Apple confirmed and showcased their watch, is the moment MS' watch fantasies ran aground in the rough sea of reality. Microsoft can launch it TOMORROW, and no one will really care. Just like it is with their entire mobile lineup.
While you might think that Apple doesn't like Mini people, this isn't true. Apple likes Mini people just fine.There just aren't enough of you buying these things (not to mention at a price that would be worthwhile for Apple) for Apple to have any incentive to put more effort into the line.The market has been trending away from desktops (except for AIOs) since the mid 2000s.Additionally, Apple is still able to keep costs down on the Mini by still delivering something decent...
New Posts  All Forums: