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 Unsupported as of February 26, 2014. You're rolling the dice.  Then again, it's OS X, so you're pretty safe as it is. Just keep in mind that it's an unsupported OS as of over a year ago. 
I'm still on the fence about this about-face on lineups and the decision to make online the only channel. I still feel that lineups are a great barometer for early product success. Let's hope Apple's servers don't go down from all the activity .... or hope they do?
I was just being silly.  Nothing spectacular or interesting.  I'm like Windows Phone today. 
Love Continuity/Handoff features. They saved my life three times already, and helped my buddy and his wife conceive. I hear that in the next OS X, it'll install right on to your bagel. It's that simple.
Cook's stance is actually the OPPOSITE of bigot. But.... Fox News, so...... yeah.
Of course they do.It was all part of my jab.
I see you skipped the early Power Macs completely.  PowerPC 6100/60 FOR LYFE 
This is about the US, Carly. Leave China to China (and to companies that make a profit there.) How's life at the helm of the wealthiest consumer tech company on the planet? oh wait...
Just as aside, this is the article photo that Neowin included in their story.          Show of hands from everyone who for a split second couldn't tell them apart. 
New Posts  All Forums: