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Let's hope it, too, doesn't fall prey to                      fragmentation.
 Nicely done!
For the time being, it appears that Apple has gimped Pages. They've gutted it.    This is supposed to be a Word Processing/Page Layout app, but now it has no customizable toolbar, and what appears to be, for example, no flow between text boxes. Just to name a couple of things in a disappointingly long list.    Apple dropped the ball with this one. Hopefully they have some substantial updates in store for it. And if they do, what's puzzling is that they didn't seem to...
And do note, that unlike another tech company (that is apparently still under the illusion that they matter in consumer tech beyond an office suite and a box to play games on), Apple is making serious coin from all the *right* things vis-a-vis today's market.    Sure, Apple too, can instead choose to sell the tech equivalent of rubber dogshit for sustainable revenue, but it's all about mobile integration, comprehensive app ecosystems, and rich user experiences, and has...
Seems MS is on a very slippery surface in this area. 
The big news will be the iPhone 6.   Watch out. It'll be serious business. I can't wait. 
  http://money.cnn.com/2013/10/28/technology/apple-earnings/index.html Yup. They *did* report the *actual* story, but it's BURIED, and plays second fiddle to the sensationalist headline and lead-in that has little to do with the actual story.  It's almost with a sense of palpable reluctance that CNN (and probably others) admit that Apple beat estimates and yet again sold an obscene amount of gear.
So they managed to hit 4.6 million Mac sales after all.   Egg on my face. Colour me corrected. And impressed. 
92% of iTunes Radio listeners still use Pandora, says new report   Not for long. 
4.6 million Macs seems a little too ambitious, though.
New Posts  All Forums: