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You know what would be a revolution? SELF-MOTIVATED KIDS. It isn't the teacher's job make the student give a damn. If you care about what you're doing you'll get a lot more out of it. Whether you've got iPads or books or anything else. And all that happens at home. It begins with the parents.
And for $3.2 . . . BILLION??   Really?   Something just feels way off about the way companies (for sale, ready for acquisition?) are valued. 
If Apple actually wanted them, Nest would have been theirs. I'm pretty sure Tim and co. know exactly what to acquire and exactly when to do it. Gotta love the rookies around here that still think Apple Apple *knows* a company, sees what they do, doesn't care to buy them for months/years, and then suddenly slaps their forehead outta the clear blue sky when they're acquired by someone else. Companies are bought and sold every damn day. Apple - OF ALL TECH COMPANIES -...
Big WhatsApp and Viber user here. I can't deny the enormous impact of these apps and the services they offer.
Product will have a more than even chance of becoming useless once the user decides to upgrade their phone. New iPhone body changes/height changes are the bane of these kinds of accessories. I suppose, though, that if you buy at the right time, you can use this accessory over the course of two models.
Actually, Apple *did* crack the top 5 worldwide PC vendors: With the iPad.
  There is no iWatch . . . 
WHAT iWatch?
The average Android customer/user demographic is quite different from the average iOS customer/user demographic. This is why comparing ratings in the manner in which the article suggests is useless. If I'm an Android user and I use X-app on Android and I'm impressed by it, my only basis for comparison will be other apps *in the Android ecosystem*. However, if I try that same app on iOS, I'll be blown away by that version. Most Android users will not be comparing apps...
New Posts  All Forums: