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But please...  not OS X Ventura.
OS X Shady Sands.   With 30% more Razlo!
Samsung the Supplier is not the same as Samsung the Smartphone Maker.There is no "enemy" in this relationship.
Or a Sigma DP2/DP3 Merrill with phone capability.Imagine an iPhone with a Foveon sensor...
Strong preorder demand for Apple Watch could signal 5M sales in June quarter, RBC says We know. It's iOS on a watch ON A WATCH. Believe me, we know.
And so it begins.    It's as if not only the tech sector but huge swathes of the services sector were all waiting on Apple.
Hate to be THAT guy, but . . .http://www.cultofmac.com/297518/apple-tops-customer-satisfaction-survey-11th-straight-year/ And... http://sixcolors.com/post/2015/01/apple-announces-q1-2015-results-today/ Mac sales were 5,519,000, only about a thousand Macs lower than the all-time-record Mac sales number the company put up the previous quarter, and up from the 4.8 million Macs sold during the holiday quarter of 2013.Folks overall are pretty happy with Apple's "design...
HBO is not the App Store.
Confirming that both Aperture and Photos are running just fine with the following configuration:   OS X 10.10.3   MacBook Pro Early 2008 model 15 inch    Model Name:    MacBook Pro    Model Identifier:    MacBookPro4,1   Processor Name:    Intel Core 2 Duo   Processor Speed:    2.4 GHz   Number of Processors:    1   Total Number of Cores:    2   L2 Cache:    3 MB   Memory:    6 GB   Bus Speed:    800 MHz   Boot ROM Version:    MBP41.00C1.B03
Here comes the massacre of the also-rans.    I can't watch...
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