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No. iOS 7 is keeping you punctual.Is there anything it CAN'T do??I love iOS 7.
"The Surface RT platform feels like Microsoft's attempt to bridge the gap between the past and future of mobile computing. But rather than showing us what that future may hold, the Surface 2 is a device stuck in limbo. And as it turns out, that's not very productive."     Am I the only one who figured as much without having to go through the review?   This is MS we're talking about. Post 2007. They're the walking, material definition of what it means to be in...
  They're making money from all the wrong things. Certainly not from mobile, which is what the industry is all about today. And that's not limited to just phones.  They're profitable in all the wrong areas. Still living off the Windows/Office cow in this day and age is unacceptable. Which is why they've been making money, but also looking completely idiotic in all the areas that matter in today's market, apart from catering to the IT/non-consumer sector.They're making a...
The interesting part is that most of Tapbots' apps seemed to have relied almost exclusively on skeuomorphic, robot/mechanical-inspired designs in order to achieve that unique look which differentiated them (quite successfully) from the competition.    So what happened to that now? Is it still present, given the "sleek new look borrowing from iOS 7"?
  All "PCs" across the board are in decline. It's market wide. Apple has historically managed to *still* outpace the industry, though.  Except now there's the phenomenon called iPad. I doubt Apple minds its role as a Mac successor in some key ways.  Additionally, decline or not, Apple has dominated PC Consumer Satisfaction ratings for just about a decade now, often by a wide margin. So if someone *does* have $1000+ to shell out for computer, Macs are still the cream of the...
1. It's the absolute finest iteration of OS X.   2. It's free (but, say, 29 bucks is barely the price of a meal for two, and you would have gotten an entire OS for it.)   3. It runs on hardware going back to 2007. For instance, it runs very well on my early 2008 Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz with 6GB RAM.    All in all, as close to perfect as an OS X release can get. 
The iPad is now a cultural phenomenon. The same way all of Apple's is iDevices are a cultural phenomenon.While the Surface is a phenomenally expensive writedown, without any culture.
This was DOA months ago, yet MS just keeps pouring money into *the same thing that's not working*.
  No iOS ecosystemNo Apple build qualityNo Apple attention to detailNo sale.
They still make the Kindle Fire?
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