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   Well done, sir! Truth. 
 Ah, thank you for the correction, Serendip. 
Yes, Apple has a way of creating them. It's what happens when you actually give a damn about what you're putting your name to.
If I recall correctly, the previous record was 4 million over a weekend. Now, it's that number in 24 hours. Pretty impressive, but as was said above me, hardly surprising.
I wonder how many millions they'll sell over the course of a single weekend this time. 
Excellent idea. A Mac to match your iPhone.
  Apple makes a superior product (they've ruled Consumer Satisfaction metrics in mobile since the first iPhone), and then prices it accordingly.  Taken as a total package - the fusion between hardware and software - no other competitor even comes close to the user experience offered by iDevices connected to Apple's ecosystem.  It isn't even close. iPhone users are babied by Apple. Spoiled. It can't even be called a race, because an actual race assumes that all competitors...
The real loser here: Windows Phone. Again.
Thie whole Apple Watch debut reminds me of the iPad debut.     "It's just a blown-up iPod!"     Basically.      And now look. 
 Yep. Think about it:   Take the iPod Nano. Forget the armbands and whatnot. Shift the armband paradigm onto the wrist. Make it into a "watch" instead. Have it come in different styles. Like iPods do/did. Make it do more. A lot more. Throw iOS on it. Perfectly.  Genius. 
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