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The average Android customer/user demographic is quite different from the average iOS customer/user demographic. This is why comparing ratings in the manner in which the article suggests is useless. If I'm an Android user and I use X-app on Android and I'm impressed by it, my only basis for comparison will be other apps *in the Android ecosystem*. However, if I try that same app on iOS, I'll be blown away by that version. Most Android users will not be comparing apps...
Cool story, Pebble.   All fun and games until Apple releases theirs - if they even plan to.
 The Mini is just fine. What's wrong with it?
Whatever. Just wait and see. Cook et al know what they're doing when it comes to hardware and the interfaces that come with it. 
You can "restore" from a Time Machine backup, or you can do a clean re-install of the OS and just copy over what you want piecemeal.
"We didn't recommend Apple's built-in local backup alternative, Time Machine, in this slot primarily because it doesn't create bootable backups. Time Machine backups need to be restored to a functioning drive, meaning you must first get your system back in working order before they can be used. Users for whom instant recovery is less of a concern, however, will find Time Machine more than adequate."   You have full access to all your files from your Time Machine drive....
Automotive malware. What a concept.
Define "content creation" that schools would need.
A dirt-cheap netbook that sells well.    Already saw this movie. Know how it ends, too.
New Posts  All Forums: