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Why would consumers who made a conscious decision against choosing Microsoft hardware turn around and trade in their Mac for it?   Well all had a choice.
How about the fight QFT. Very well said. 
 Right? I don't get it, though. Maybe I'm just not paying attention. Which would mean I've been ignorant about how every available version of OS X that I have installed on this machine has been running since October 2008 (once the unibodies were released, I figured I could get a deal on the previous model, and I did.)  I just never really had any complaints worth writing (ranting?) about, from Leopard to Mavericks. Everything always more or less performed as expected and...
Still amazes me how well my early 2008 MBP runs this OS. Granted, I upgraded the RAM to 6GB back in 2009, but still... And I expect that it'll run Yosemite just as well, if the first beta is anything by which to judge.
It's a low-end iMac for ~$1000. It's an entry point into the Apple ecosystem that will last the *casual* user quite a long time. Entry level iMac is entry-level iMac.    It is an iMac (well-made, well-designed), and it is a platform from which to enjoy the Apple ecosystem. Seems a perfectly reasonable price for what it is and for all you're getting. This isn't some OEM junk-PC with the latest awful version of Windows. 
So . . . another device from Amazon that will do as badly as their *other* device?   At least change the entire game. The market has seen Amazon's first effort. At this point their second one needs to put a man on one of Saturn's moons.    Yesterday. 
A thousand bucks or so for a Mac (remember, for a Mac, notwithstanding the mini), is actually on the low end.
Anyone else's Magic Trackpad not registering swipes and pinches with the second beta?
Now some of the Magic Trackpad gestures are borked.    Other than that all seems to be well. 
Pretty sure Apple "culture" is a little deeper and more relevant in the broader perspective than uh.... *stifled laugh* ..... Kanye and Jay-z.
New Posts  All Forums: