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More power to Apple. 1) They can afford it, and 2) it has zero effect on consumer perception - from a sales and popularity perspective. No one's going to cross off Apple gear from their Boxing Week list because they've issued briefs against some foreign company. 3) Litigiousness is in Apple's DNA. Which is the right attitude on their part, and which has buttressed their concern for the integrity of their product, design, and technologies since the first day of Apple as...
Apple already dApple, for instance, dominates the US market. THE platinum market. Where the MONEY is to be made. And China is spread wide open for them.I think Apple is content to let Google play as much as they like in the Third World, which is Google's playground.
  It's in need of one. Badly.  Unless Apple just wants it to be an iPhoto on steroids. Which is fine, because those who have been on the fence about moving to Lightroom can then do so without hesitation.
A substantial amount of research, and THIS is the best they could do? And it only affects Mac models prior to 2008? LOL Further proof that Apple is by far the safest relevant (sorry, desktop Linux) platform for the average user to be on.
And now even your watch will have malware.
Interesting to note that the only thing Microsoft there is the Xbox.
Loving some of the replies in this thread.  Clever (and perceptive) folks.   ;)
Just noticed this now.    Sad to hear about his passing. I appreciated his knowledge and enthusiasm.    Blessings to him, in the next life, and to his family. 
One of their more potentially dollar-intensive advertisement delivery vectors.    Nothing beats the Motorola white elephant, though. 
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