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This is about the US, Carly. Leave China to China (and to companies that make a profit there.) How's life at the helm of the wealthiest consumer tech company on the planet? oh wait...
Just as aside, this is the article photo that Neowin included in their story.          Show of hands from everyone who for a split second couldn't tell them apart. 
Apple iPhone'd the entire watch industry.  It's that simple.  
Love it. Nicely done.
 Exactly. Thank you. 
That's quite different. If there was ever a false equivalence, this would be it.  This is the kind of attitude (and justification for it) that's keeping your country in the social dark ages. 
Fair enough.  There are any number of reasons or theories one can build around these attitudes. I hope there's actually a chance that these folks can actually find one, relate to it, see it for what it is, and then realize that they don't (and shouldn't) need to think that way.  The question is, though: if this is wearing overalls and looks like a lot of work (soul-searching, self-inquiry) will these folks actually bother to give it any attention? Unfortunately, it may...
Probably time to outgrow nonsensical "survival instincts", like most of the rest of the modern democratic world.I wonder why we don't have these "survival instincts" up here? Haven't had them for decades.All these "survival instinct" theories accomplish is just further justification of the very attitudes that are in the way of social progress. It's a question of right and wrong. And how some folks DO NOT see that treating PEOPLE this way is INHERENTLY wrong is beyond me.
Why worry about making things "equal" by demanding that Tim Cook concern himslef with these issues in China?This is not a Tim Cook problem. It's a USA cultural problem. And the problem runs very deep.Take Tim Cook out of it. Take China out of it. Don't concern yourself with anything other than the shameless bigotry of that baker, and how you should be EMBARRASSED - especially under the gaze of the rest of the modern democratic world - to even THINK of allowing such bigotry...
We don't fear them.I don't understand the need to go fishing for some biological theory in order to explain away a juvenile, irrational preoccupation with sexual orientation (and for that matter, race.)The problem - in part - is the way your freedoms are codified and "guaranteed." There's very little in there that allows for mechanisms to address abuses. Freedom is prized over and above how its use might affect others.It's a cultural problem that reinforces divisive, even...
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