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 Some of the renderings presented (suggested, at least) serious usability issues in terms of interaction with the OS.
  (i)Watch 2. Designs can change. 
iOS on your wrist is the big draw here. Perfectly implemented.    And it *is* a BIG draw.    I'm impressed.
"iPod Nano/shuffle" watch, but with a great UI, that does more.    Different styles and colours.    "Let's make a watch out of the 6th Gen Nano. Might as well wear it on your wrist.  And let's make it so you can do more stuff with it."   Makes a lot of sense when you think about it. 
I don't get it. One side only?   Am I missing something?
My oh my . . .  THE SPIN:   http://www.neowin.net/news/apple-reportedly-plans-to-take-on-surface-pro-3-with-a-129-inch-ipad
 Even the Apple ads that poked fun at Microsoft have been charming, stylish, fun, memorable.  Apple just *gets* it.
  The entire platform is pointless. It's completely redundant. Apple and Google already cover all ends of the market. Windows Phone brings nothing new to the table. There isn't anything there that is interesting enough to make the platform competitive. 
iPad running Office renders the Surface rather pointless.
Look for Satya Ballmer to do a complete "reset" (read: scrapping/moving to ape the next big thing from competitors, poorly) in about a year's time. Look for a complete "Windows Phone" reset along similar lines in around the same time. Just have to witness a few more quarters of these piles of fail tank some more, and then show's over.   Though MS has been known to hang on to loser products way past their sell-by date.   ZuneForever™.
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