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Excellent.    So what happens with Aperture now? What's the story on that?   Is it just an iPhoto on steroids, or does Apple have plans to improve it to the degree that it can go head-to-head with Lightroom and Capture One? Because in its current state it can't.
 They wanted to get their name out there (play for relevance) and gauge user reaction. They were hoping for an uproar.  This is a non-story anyway, for the following reason: The app was reportedly removed for violating clause 11.13 of Apple's iOS developer guidelines --?"Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the application will be rejected." It could have been HMV or Joe small-time developer. The rules apply to everyone. 
Have they paid Apple the money they owe them yet? 
I want to to punch my display every time I see that horrendous metro UI. Or whatever they're calling it these days. I've got a name for it, I know that much. 
  I think it came on right after Beachcombers.  ;) *sigh* . . . 
The iPad 5 . . .  c.     /s
WTF people.    There are complaints about Apple gear being too expensive, and there's insensible screaming about an "Apple Tax" . . . or something. Then there's news of a possible reduction in price (as if in response to this inanity). THEN there are complaints about Apple watering down their lineup with "cheap" computers.    O.o   Apple knows their shit. Even in a market downturn they manage to ride it out. And who else can successfully (to Apple's...
Again, anecdotal. Based on general consensus, there's nothing particularly wrong with the stock camera app. You're free to download other camera apps. Apple knows this and they don't seem to mind.Keep in mind that the stock camera app is not VSCO Cam, for instance. It's pretty obvious that a lot of folks just naturally move on from the stock apps over the years. Been this way since the inception of the App Store. And this has worked pretty brilliantly for Apple, and...
Apple's policy has always been (very wisely) to attempt to patent everything that isn't nailed down. It's actually a key part of their highly successful strategy, for obvious reasons. This policy needs to continue to the fullest legal extent.
 Download a different camera app? It's really not an iOS 7 problem. 
New Posts  All Forums: