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I Love this app.    It's nice to see it updated regularly. 
Remember the first iPhone and the first apps?   Yeah. That.   But it was still Insanely Great.    It was a watershed moment for the entire industry, the world over. It isn't just what the iPhone was in and of itself at the time, it's what it represented – the promise and the possibilities, all emanating from that device. It was about what it declared to the industry and everyday people: This is how it's done right.    Same deal now. 
Laughed right out loud at this.  Nicely done. 
 iPhone? Make the iPod bigger and throw cellular in it.  App Store to go with it.  iPad? Use the iPod ---> iPhone recipe but this time make it even bigger, and make bigger apps for it. Boom. Paradigm shifts out the ass on both counts. Apple Watch. Put iOS in a watch. Give it its own App Store. Done (see paradigm shifts comment.) So simple it's genius. 
If the demand is there (and it is), they can fumble the launch and still come out with blockbuster results. A great product sometimes gets you graded on a curve. Just don't make it a habit, is all. 
Some folks aren't reading the article right.  "Only about 22 percent -- or 376,000 -- of U.S. Apple Watch preorders actually shipped between Friday and Sunday during the device's launch weekend, according to estimates produced by research firm Slice Intelligence." "Slice's data comes from analyzing the electronic receipts of some 2 million participating shoppers. In all the firm projects that 1.7 million Apple Watches have been ordered in the U.S. so far, based on...
Notwithstanding your wireless issue (have you considered another router? Have you forwarded this issue to Apple's forums?)...   the other big story that's been getting plenty of coverage is the new MacBook. Which is indeed a computer. Apple is all about MacBooks, because they keep updating their notebooks (and releasing new additions to the family) fairly regularly, or as regularly as anyone that likes to keep their product lines simple and streamlined.  
This notebook is built for the (very mobile) cloud.   Once you realize that, you'll have a lightbulb moment.    Think about writing with Ulysses on your iPad + keyboard.    Now think about wiring with Ulysses on this new Macbook.    It's the crossroads between Intimate and Convenient.    You're welcome. 
Well, the "Sport" model, obviously.     
Priceless. Even when they're not lining up AT Apple, they're lining up FOR Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: