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When Apple supply can't meet demand: "This is just irresponsible!" "They should have anticipated the exact level of demand and ensured that everyone gets an iPhone!" "I have to wait a week for an iPhone. This is bullshit. I'm moving to Android." "No wonder they're losing the market share battle! No one can get iPhones the very second they conceive of possibly thinking about maybe wanting one!" When Apple supply meets demand: "Nobody wants iPhones anymore." "Now everyone...
Apple is very obviously doomed. 
  You'll also find yourself having to explain to these folks WHY, for the umpteenth time, Apple's legal claims are necessary in order to maintain the integrity of their product.  1) It isn't comparatively expensive for Apple to do so, and . . .  2) It has nothing to do with *what else* Apple spends money on. Research and development of Apple gear continues at Apple, regardless whom they engage in litigation.  In fact, Apple have been quite litigious (thankfully) throughout...
Can't help but chuckle at the folks who claimed Apple is spending BILLIONS on suits against Samsung and others, and that they should focus on "innovation" and associated buzzwords. Legal fees don't amount to billions, unless it's an award, and that isn't a fee.
So Apple was right about the 5c after all?
"Court tosses mobile data tracking suit against Apple" Why are they throwing things at Apple?
Microsoft tends to churn out lousy marketing about products people don't really care about. The company lost its mojo years ago, and the entire operation needs a complete reset, right down to basic philosophy, i.e., "Why are we here? What is our purpose? What do we believe?" - and then wrap the (hopefully) bold and people-centric answers in a blanket of uncompromising commitment.
Just a moment. If Microsoft has been running Nokia (essentially), and is now purchasing them, then why is Nokia releasing a product that competes directly with Microsoft's product?
If I want a straight word processor . . . a REAL one, I turn to Mellel.   If I want word processing + layout (and I don't want to spring for InDesign), I turn to Pages.    I can't really speak for the rest of Office (other than Keynote wipes the floor with PowerPoint), but I'd rather not use badly designed software like Word, which, among things, handles typography as if it were a Jersey hooker.
Apple made it matter.The most usable, best-implemented iteration of tech and tech services are to be found on iDevices.It's easy to do something. It's harder to do it right.
New Posts  All Forums: