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  The AI crowd is usually very sharp, so I went through the thread to make sure no one pre-empted me.   ;) The exception proves the (bolded) rule, at any rate. 
So they.... buried the Hachette?
'Murica..... where sexuality is still newsworthy. Shock and awe value. Meanwhile, Tennessee brings back the electric chair, and it's just biz as usual.
Seems Apple is actually embracing Lightroom. Probably good news for Lightroom development.
 We're getting a replacement. You do know that, right?  And as yet we don't know its exact feature set. 
  Why? There's barely any of it in this thread. 
  Aperture hasn't been "better" than Lightroom for ages. 
 1. We have no exact details about what will replace Aperture. So it wouldn't make much sense for them to declare that.  2. Apple introduced the Mac Pro in order to allow Pros to run resource-intensive software in an OS X environment. What they do with *their own* Pro apps has no connection to this. 
 Writing was kinda on the wall. 
  Quite likely THIS  ^^^
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