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Apple and Google already ran away with this market. The only way MS can be relevant is if they change the game completely. Which just isn't - and never was - in their DNA. Nothing to really see here.
  Because it can run EVE Online. 
Who else is able to actually SELL 16 million tablets a quarter?
Are people still hung up on whether sexuality is a choice?? It's not. And some of us (from other parts of the world) GET that implicitly, and have moved way past it years ago. smh
I rarely see ignorant bigotry on AI.Here's hoping you don't post a lot of it.
Consumer interest in Apple's 'iPhone' at record levels Consumer interest in Apple's 'iPhone 3G' at record levels Consumer interest in Apple's 'iPhone 4' at record levels Consumer interest in Apple's 'iPhone 5' at record levels Consumer interest in Apple's 'iPhone 6' at record levels   Not really news at this point. EVERY iPhone has commanded the lion's share of "consumer interest" since day 1, big screen or not, feature "x" or not, feature "y" or not. 
So the iPhone will go from the best-selling smartphone . . . to the best-selling smartphone.    Makes sense. 
MS can talk all they like.    Meanwhile their entire mobile strategy barely has any traction in the market. 
Oh my god... the grammar. :/
My car already has all the windows it needs.    And they aren't poorly-designed or maddeningly frustrating. 
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