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You can "restore" from a Time Machine backup, or you can do a clean re-install of the OS and just copy over what you want piecemeal.
"We didn't recommend Apple's built-in local backup alternative, Time Machine, in this slot primarily because it doesn't create bootable backups. Time Machine backups need to be restored to a functioning drive, meaning you must first get your system back in working order before they can be used. Users for whom instant recovery is less of a concern, however, will find Time Machine more than adequate."   You have full access to all your files from your Time Machine drive....
Automotive malware. What a concept.
Define "content creation" that schools would need.
A dirt-cheap netbook that sells well.    Already saw this movie. Know how it ends, too.
 Apple has no problem with competition. They DO, however, have a problem with industry thieves. As for lawsuits, as mentioned before, the one against Samsung is just one of MANY that Apple has pursued vigorously since Day 1 of the company.  Look up Quicktime and San Francisco Canyon, for instance. Wait. Allow Me . . . http://itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Apple_v._San_Francisco_Canyon
Yet carriers seem to love Android . . .    
What Maps? Who?   Nokia, you sorta mattered like 7 years ago. Beating your chest about your nearly-unknown mapping service - and how it does or doesn't function on the best consumer mobile operating system on the planet - won't push you any further out of irrelevance.    Additionally, mentioning your name *with* Apple in the same breath, *won't* give you even 1/1000th of Apple's cachet or star-power. Sorry.
Ill-will from the tech community? Apple can barely meet demand for their products. As far as the "tech community" goes, I'm not sure what this term is supposed to reference. Developers are making money and users want Apple gear. At any rate, Apple doesn't seem to be suffering from any alleged "ill-will" from areas of the market or the industry that actually matter.
Those who care about their IP, and thus the integrity of their product, are entitled to pursue claims relating to it. This is an Apple attitude and it's served them quite well.
New Posts  All Forums: