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Just leave it to Tim and co.   They seem to be the only ones who know wtf they're doing in this age of changing market dynamics. Apple has *the* best mix of market share + profit. Bar none. Under Tim, now, Apple enjoyed RECORD PROFITS and RECORD SALES of everything that matters in today's market.    If Apple believes they don't need to run a Super Bowl ad, you can bet your donuts to their DOLLARS that they probably have a good reason.    Besides, what ads? The Apple...
Well just as I thought. Putting costly and fragile electronic devices in your back pocket and bloody well sitting on them, and shifting your weight on them, is NOT the way to take care of your device. Not Apple's fault. Don't sit on your devices, folks. This should be obvious, but a good chunk of the under-30 population of today is practically brain-dead.
I've seen folks with phones in their back-pocket. Which essentially means they're sitting on them. I imagine they'd be causing the phone to undergo weird, intermittent structural stress as they shift around in their seat.
 Yep. Same here. 
Still aint worth it. 
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In the most basic layman's terms, then:  Virtually everyone has an iPhone - or rather, nearly all of Apple's target demographic is already using Apple products and is well-invested in Apple's proven ecosystem - so "new growth" will slow.    So Apple owning the most desirable parts of the market that it created is a major problem? Growth will slow but Apple will still keep selling new devices to these consumers. But you've (that is, Apple) basically won the game here. So...
""It's becoming increasingly clear that markets such as the U.S. are reaching high levels of consumer saturation and while emerging markets continue to show strong growth this has not been enough to sustain the dramatic worldwide growth rates of years past," said Tom Mainelli, tablet research director for market research firm IDC." Ok. And? We still need to upgrade our devices. Is this another thinly-veiled demand for The Next Big Thing from Apple? I'm sure whatever...
Cook doesn't know how to lead?     Not even counting the times when Cook took the reins in Jobs' absence, Cook led Apple to its biggest quarter ever (the one under discussion here), not just in terms of dollars, but in terms of sales. It's also one of Apple's best Mac quarters ever.    And we're not talking sales based on a tired old business model (an OS and a lousy office suite) that ignores the pace of change (there's such a thing as making money from all the...
  Yes, but from what? It's been from all the wrong things vis-a-vis the changing market dynamics for the past several years.  MS can make an obscene amount of money selling rubber dogshit too, but that doesn't quite help their flat-footed mobile strategy.
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