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With PC sales faltering, large computer hardware companies like HP and Dell have partnered with well-known audio firms as a way to differentiate their devices     ​With no appreciable effect whatsoever.
Thinner and lighter are a priority in today's market. Not sure how this isn't obvious. It's only been a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions since even before the iPhone. Those who don't think it's a factor need only pay attention to iPhone (increasingly thinner and lighter models thereof) sales numbers and consumer satisfaction ratings for several years now... and the rest of the industry that wouldn't know what to do if it weren't for Apple's insistence on...
The *what* Microsoft Surface?Maybe in some alternate reality where Microsoft's science fair projects are somehow relevant (or "successful.")
It's also in the range of highly unlikely to next-to-impossible.  Cancer that is present in so many places at once is also (90% if not 100% probability) metastatic cancer. And by then it's at an advanced stage (usually stage 4.)  Good luck with all the "healthy eating." For the sake of being fair and allowing for small miracles, it's not "impossible." But every such claim is and should be regarded as dubious *way* before we take it at face value. 
It's little details like this, finely tuned, perfected and integrated so seamlessly, that really set Apple apart. All those little things add up.
Remember the watch industry exactly as it is today. It's going to look a whole lot different. It too, now belongs to Apple.
Microsoft's strategy:   Kill Windows Phone.    I'm waiting for the big "reset" or "fold into ____ division" announcement.   I honestly expected it around two years ago. But, ever Zune-like, MS hangs on to a dead platform way past the advanced stages of decay. 
At some point, from 2010 to today, the bulk of the market that was going to get iPads already has one or more. It then becomes a question of how long different segments of this population are willing to wait until they upgrade.   iPad sales will *naturally* level off. No one can expect iPad sales to follow the same course as iPhone sales. iPads are treated more like computers or devices that are complementary to computers. They aren't "priority" devices like smartphones...
Know what'll happen to a lot of the non-watch, phone-only folks?   They'll TRY the Watch. Because Apple. Apple stuff ALWAYS gets tried (because Apple, and Apple's reputation... and because ... stuff people WANT ..... because Apple.) Even if you consider JUST the Apple Store. Walk into any one. You'll see it's always jammed to the rafters, with people trying stuff out.    That's all Apple needs. Just TRY it. At the store, or with a friend who has one, etc. And they...
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