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So iOS actually does = Freedom. XD
Microsoft seems to be under the impression that consumers will care enough about ..... "Cortana"... is it(?).... to then care enough about Windows Phone. There's a reason the platform still has barely any traction after four years on the market, and it isn't because it more than makes up for it in profit and record sales.
Online retailer thinks they can do a genius UI mated to first-rate hardware, connected to a rich ecosystem, virtually overnight (using some forked version of Android.) You know, what Apple has spent most of the past 8 years nailing down to a fine art, and the rest of its existence schooling the rest of the industry on how it's done.    Unfortunately for the industry outside of Cupertino, the sea-change that occurred in June 2007 doesn't leave much room for others to make...
Not EVERY Apple quarter can be an earth-shattering, game-changing record-breaker.    They've had, and continue to have, more than most.    Perspective, guys. 
Great little ad. Edgy, succinct, and totally iconic. And at this point, as long as Apple keeps their products speaking for themselves, they don't need to do a whole lot of marketing to make a statement.
  The AI crowd is usually very sharp, so I went through the thread to make sure no one pre-empted me.   ;) The exception proves the (bolded) rule, at any rate. 
So they.... buried the Hachette?
'Murica..... where sexuality is still newsworthy. Shock and awe value. Meanwhile, Tennessee brings back the electric chair, and it's just biz as usual.
Seems Apple is actually embracing Lightroom. Probably good news for Lightroom development.
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