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Well, the "Sport" model, obviously.     
Priceless. Even when they're not lining up AT Apple, they're lining up FOR Apple.
By what measure?Money?Record Mac sales?Neither.You and I might not have liked either move, but looking at the big picture both are relatively minor.
He retired. People do that. Even happy people.But feel free to read as much horseshit into it as you'd like. It's the internet after all, and it's all about conspiracies and ulterior motives.smh
A major chunk of the features once available only to "pros" and available only in "pro" applications, are now mostly accessible to the average consumer in outrageously easy and user-friendly implementations.It's all about the rise of the Prosumer.
He's retiring.
It's an iPad with a keyboard attachment that runs OS X.  So it's a laptop.   But *much* more Air than even the Air.    For a more casual user who wants to stay connected on the go, and for whom an iPad just doesn't offer enough functionality, the MacBook is a great choice.    It makes perfect sense as an addition to the lineup. 
But please...  not OS X Ventura.
OS X Shady Sands.   With 30% more Razlo!
Samsung the Supplier is not the same as Samsung the Smartphone Maker.There is no "enemy" in this relationship.
New Posts  All Forums: