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A substantial amount of research, and THIS is the best they could do? And it only affects Mac models prior to 2008? LOL Further proof that Apple is by far the safest relevant (sorry, desktop Linux) platform for the average user to be on.
And now even your watch will have malware.
Interesting to note that the only thing Microsoft there is the Xbox.
Loving some of the replies in this thread.  Clever (and perceptive) folks.   ;)
Just noticed this now.    Sad to hear about his passing. I appreciated his knowledge and enthusiasm.    Blessings to him, in the next life, and to his family. 
One of their more potentially dollar-intensive advertisement delivery vectors.    Nothing beats the Motorola white elephant, though. 
Lol  I love the comments in the this thread.   
  I doubt Apple cares what phone the POTUS is using .I doubt consumers care.  It has absolutely zero influence on marketing ROI, market share, or any other measure of popularity or success. Apple doesn't care (nor should they) that it's not secure enough for the White House when it *is* more than secure enough for deep enterprise penetration almost everywhere else, as we've seen over the years. Hell, that's even made clear by a news item posted right here sometime over the...
  It's interesting that a lot of dullards and the perpetually ignorant accuse Apple of money-grubbing and profiteering, but all Ballmer can do for his big exit is try to boast about how much money he (allegedly) made the company.  You can tell when someone is overly concerned about their (negative) legacy when instead of talking about great product milestones (MS has barely had any for the past decade) they descend into bean-counting drivel. Ballmer has nothing to show for...
The big loser in this is MS. Again.
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