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Apple made it matter.The most usable, best-implemented iteration of tech and tech services are to be found on iDevices.It's easy to do something. It's harder to do it right.
You can't really blame them. They had nothing to copy.
Yes. This is exactly the point. Up until now, this device has received glowing reviews, and nary a word about any bad displays or colour issues.Here's a taste:http://gigaom.com/2013/11/15/what-the-reviews-say-about-the-ipad-mini-with-retina-display/
Fact is, most people *just now* belly-aching about it wouldn't have really noticed had it not been pointed out to them. I don't expect any two different Apple devices to have the same tone or "colour range" - whatever - to their displays in the first place, even if we're only comparing an iPad to a smaller iPad. Display manufacturers vary, and each "batch" can (and often does) have slightly different characteristics from others. If you're looking for near-perfect colour...
So in other words it's NOT an oversaturated mess like you find on, say, Samsung devices. Got it.
And now they're back to marketing Office (Excel.)   O.o 
Redmond is "surging"?  Based on what, exactly?   A smartphone platform that is a failure in major markets and that has barely gained any traction worldwide?   A tablet/PC/whatever platform that nobody really cares about, and which garnered MS a hefty writedown?   A Windows/Office business model that is being steadily eroded by tablets that have nothing to do with Microsoft?   A chronically-underdeveloped mobile app ecosystem?   A money-losing and...
Once again, the big loser here is Windows Phone 2007.
"We don't ship junk." ~ Steve Jobs, 2008. "We're not in the junk business." ~ Tim Cook, 2013. Apple's *core* values seem to be alive and well. Google can keep the *particular* market share crown they've got at the moment. It's certainly well-deserved.
Think about it for a moment. Just how desperate is MS, that they've resorted to *advertising* Excel? Office is entrenched. Has been for years. I can't remember the last time I've seen any of it marketed so openly like this. We're talking about the so-called lowly iWork, something that MS recently dismissed. And now they're trying to promote their spreadsheet software over Apple's? LMAO Office software is MS' last bastion. They can't do hardware right (or profitably.)...
New Posts  All Forums: