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Yet you can do all that on an iPad.
I just tried this. Brilliant. I had no idea.Thanks for the tip!
Choice ain't a bad thing, but a redundant headliner service that comes from a redundant platform that nobody cares about. Does its integration into Windows 10 make it relevant? You decide. Colour me unimpressed. But it's still nice to see MS serving the top tier of tech consumers.
Don't worry about what Tim Cook is doing. Do your iPhones and Macs continue to be great? If the answer is yes, then the rest falls into place, and Cook is doing just fine, whatever his involvement in other causes.
Billions? These valuations are insane.
Mmmm....  honey-smeared screens.
Captain Willard: "I don't see any method at all, sir."
 All the hand-wringing about Apple's alleged lack of diversification (iPhone business painting them into a corner, and other nonsensical worries) virtually ignores the completely laughable state of affairs of other players, e.g.: HTC's unimaginative and witless attempts to stay relevant in the Android shithole while bleeding money Microsoft's desperate moves from failure, to redundancy, to more failure, to obvious attempts at copying Apple – poorly Amazon's disastrous...
New Posts  All Forums: