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*First minute of family road trip*   Siri:   "Hello, Quadra 610. Would you like me to take you to Scores Gentleman's Club and Bar again?"   Uh.....
 O.o What a ridiculous thing to say.  Human-induced climate change is a reality.  If you can at the very least acknowledge the impact of, say, air pollution (that *we* cause), then you can appreciate the effort being made in this area.  We essentially pour SHIT into our environment, and it (and we) are definitely the worse for it. Air quality alone should be of major concern to everyone. 
Macs have always been "fashionable" (on top of everything else that they are), and have been sold at Best Buy for as long as I can remember. I bought an iMac from there in April 2006.    Selling the Apple watch at Best Buy isn't really newsworthy. It's just a natural extension of retail. 
If the company producing the most successful wearable on the planet, having sold more than the competition combined in a ridiculously infinitesimal timeframe (that for the moment escapes me), and with a dominant customer satisfaction rating, is "desperate"....  just imagine the market condition in which all the other wearable purveyors currently find themselves. The only "collapse" that's going on is happening outside of Cupertino.  Apple singlehandedly iPhone'd the entire...
So a Samsung factory, then.
Love it.    A different version of the legendary Get a Mac ads, and also a very similar take on the If You Don't Have an iPhone ads of 2011.
Jim Balsillie on the iPhone in February 2007:   "It’s kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with lots of choice for consumers ... But in terms of a sort of a sea-change for BlackBerry, I would think that’s overstating it."   Brian McAndrews on Apple Music in July 2015:   "Going forward, we feel really good about our trajectory and competitive position," McAndrews added. "With any big launch like this [Apple Music] and the noise in the marketplace,...
Activism in the right, progressive, and socially responsible direction. I'm all for it. Especially in the U.S.
Well yes. Of course they sold that many. Because ..... Ecosystem, and the hardware and software driving it. Sheer quality. No one can even come close to Apple's level of comprehensive integration. It's all in the photo. Who else has THAT? Totally fleshed out. You won't find this level of attention to detail anywhere else.
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