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iPads are a lot like Macs.    They don't need to be replaced every year. Or two. Or even three. They continue to work and be useful.    Some folks don't understand this.    Additionally, larger iPhones are naturally cannibalizing some iPad sales.    With Apple, one product grows from and into another. There's some natural overlap that also makes transitioning from one product to the other dead-easy. Love your iPad Mini? No problem. You'll feel right at home on your...
Lmao. Just LMAO.Show me the competition's numbers that demonstrate the folly of Apple's "hubris."Define "work" with computing devices.
It's pointless to even discuss these Surface products. They are non-starters in the market. Completely tractionless. Like Windows Phone. The only one hyping them is Microsoft and a few tech-head bloggers. The market at large, however, doesn't care.
Right. Their Mobile platform a disaster. Their Surface platform tractionless in the market. Apple's only "serious" competition? Perhaps in future. Note that by *that* reasoning I could also "perhaps" buy Sony. With my Nigerian business partners. Who for some reason communicate only by e-mail.
Lmao. Yeah I'll get right on that.
Show me the numbers that support "most people DO upgrade."
 It simply COULD be true. Please don't use your own anecdotal references as representative of the market as a whole. No one cares who the hell you know or what their preferences are, *according to you*. I can do that, too. Guess what: Pretty much every user *I* know has NOT upgraded RAM after three years.  Now what? If Apple finds that users of 21 inch iMacs aren't upgrading RAM, then they'll act accordingly (soldered on RAM.) If Apple finds that users of 21 inch iMacs...
Cool story.    Now show me the quarterly report for it.   Microsoft "sold out" aint like Apple "sold out.
Musk qualified that statement today, saying, "Yo, I don't hate Apple. It's a great company with a lot of talented people. I love their products and I'm glad they're doing an EV." Yo that's really sincere, Elon.
New Posts  All Forums: