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He's doing what??Apple is redefining communications and media, literally the way we talk to each other - and have been doing it for what's coming close to a decade, if not even more. Most folks can get into an iPhone - and thus the Apple ecosystem, fairly easily. Hell, even a Mac is still competitively priced. Save just a bit more and step into a MacBook Pro.Musk is building science experiments that barely anyone can buy, and which hardly drive (puns, haha!) the market...
So in other words... they went to a company that can actually turn a profit. Got it.
Good.  :) (You were also specific in your request.)
DOA.   Since 2010.   Taking bets on when this disaster of a program will get the axe...
If their retail stores are floundering, and these stores are full of Microsoft devices (Surface, Windows Phone, etc.), what in the name of all that is holy does that say about demand for these devices? The very places where they are being SHOWCASED, there to try, are virtually DEAD.
In true MS fashion, these products will fail to sell in any meaningful numbers at any meaningful prices.What exactly is Apple's "wakeup call"?Microsoft's best effort thus far has been the Surface paradigm. The devices based on that paradigm barely have any traction in the market. No one cares about them. That is their BEST effort. Yet they are continuing with it. Microsoft: Still Zuning it!
 The competition still doesn't get that vertical integration requires superior implementation of the basics. And it is THAT on which everything else is built.  If you keep building on the wrong paradigm, you're only going to throw good money after bad. 
It's their struggle for relevance in a market that's left them behind years ago.    MS is just another app and cloud services company, competing with others for the consumer dollar, and milking their IT industry position – an industry which moves at a glacial pace to begin with.    Even their best hardware effort to date (Surface) is traction-less after several years of market exposure. MS is hyping a product that never really got off the ground, because shoe-horning a...
You have to know *how* to ask.There is no "kitty." That's too colloquial. However, there is "kitten." Better to go for variety and say "kittens.""Show me kittens." But "show" how? Show WHAT of kittens?"Show me PHOTOS of kittens."Meowch better.
Is 2015 when you came out, too?
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