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You don't actually own the software (iOS) running on your phone. You do, however, *have a license to use it*. You have a license to use Apple's property. Same goes for OS X. The Apple Police won't come knocking on your door if you futz around with it, but Apple is within their right to prevent you (via technical methods *to which you agreed*) or to otherwise enable you to use it as they (not you) intend. This is nothing new. And you've already agreed to all of the terms...
 Perfect. That clears things up. Thank you! 
Good day, everyone.    I'm planning to upload a PDF to Lulu (publishing service) so that others could view it, download it, and print it.    The font I'm using is not freeware, nor would anyone normally have a licence for it (unless they purchase it) but me. How would I protect the PDF from folks who might try to rip the fonts from it? I want to "lock" it, but so that it's still viewable and printable.   Thank you. 
I'm all for this.    The Apple experience has to be aesthetically tight and (in terms of service) comprehensive like no other, from cradle to grave.    It's little details like this that have and continue to set Apple apart. 
  "The Hospital"?? Yeah that sounds great.   smh.    Whereas "The Pharmacy" makes actual sense, and isn't spectacularly off-putting.  Music being the "medicine" prescribed by the "Dr" (Dre.)
East is East and West is West, and the twain shall never meet.  Except to allow everyone, straight or otherwise, access to Apple gear.  Cook showing his support for LGBT rights doesn't mean that straight folk in countries that persecute their LGBT community shouldn't have access to Apple products.  Carly sorta missed that point in her haste to tear down her competitor, posting from her iPhone, no doubt.  
I'll settle for the exception proving the rule.  ;)
 You're forgetting that a portion (loud, and more sizeable than you'd think) of your population is socially backward, some of whom are horrifically bigoted to boot and have no concept of even the most basic notion of social justice. It's a humanitarian issue just as much as a social issue.   It's about time that a very sensible few (at least who seem capable of it) drag them – kicking and screaming – into the 21st century. A lot of other modern democratic countries have...
Interesting view. I can't say I disagree with it, although I have no problem with the notion of the Abrahamic religions' concept of God.  Well said.  Oh, and I just noticed: "Fundies" is a play on "fundamentalists."
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