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The iPad already *is* a "productivity machine." The clamshell case simply helps to facilitate productivity.
Surface Pro 3 in its crosshairs? The entire Surface line is *already* a disaster.
This time around the typos are way more interesting than the article. Would read again!
It's Apple hardware that runs iOS - adapted perfectly to a watch form factor. It'll be a hit. Just sit back and watch the rest of the industry try to respond. It'll be pure comedy.
This device is DONE. Under current mobile market dynamics, you've got but a small window to make a big impact. No matter what you're offering, if your device(s) fail to capture consumer interest within that timeframe, you're done. Bringing back essentially *the same thing* is foolhardy, and a complete waste of resources. The price of this sort of failure is that if you want to return for a second try, you'll have to bring something totally game-changing to the table. If...
It also warns developers not to hog resources within widgets, noting that, "functionality that makes heavy use of system resources is appropriate for an app, not an app extension."     This.   ^^^   ​It's little details like this that keep iOS quality, speed, and efficiency, way above other mobile operating systems.
That entire scene is masterfully done. The tension!You eventually figure that the driver was never in the diner, but not before you're frantically examining everyone right along with him.
Tim is more than just Apple's CEO. Nice to see him TAKING A STAND on social issues, and issues which in this case are very much at the forefront of public and legal discourse in the United States. I'm Canadian, and we've long since resolved these issues, so Tim might not have reason to speak out up here. But down south, social justice tends to move forward at a much slower rate, which calls for greater awareness.
DOA, just like the rest of their mobile platform. I can't even LMAO anymore because this non-strategy is approaching HP WebOS/Blackberry levels of inexplicability. New CEO just like old CEO. 2014 MS mobile penetration just like 2010 MS mobile penetration. *waits for wholesale cancellation of entire Windows Phone platform* That ^^^ is in the mail. No markethshare, no profit, no consumer interest.
Spielberg's Duel. Got it right away. I'm in my late 30s, but I can't stomach anything coming out of Hollywood since the early 2000s. So classics like this and foreign films have filled the void quite nicely.Time for another Onibaba viewing very soon.At any rate, they don't make em like that (Duel) anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: