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Good eye. I learned something today.  :)
My main machine is an early 2008 MBP 15-in. with 6GB RAM. Granted, I take good care of it, but these things are built to last in the first place. It's run every OS since Tiger without a hitch. And Yosemite runs very nicely on it, even while using it with an external 24-in. display. The only thing I'm really missing is the Handoff portion of Continuity, but I get all the rest of Continuity and I can more than hang on until an upgrade maybe next year.  If I want to squeeze...
iPhone: the competition (even analysts and the media) still don't "get" how and why it's not just a great device, but an icon that continues to iterate on and redefine the philosophy and ideas that stand behind it. It isn't just about the hardware on its own, or the software on its own, or how just these two things function in time and space compared to other rectangular devices stuffed with circuitry and software. It's about the ecosystem which the iPhone enables and...
Folks don't tend to upgrade their iPads with nearly as much frequency as some might like to think.   *shrugs* Phones are a different story. 
Oh my god. 
I'd have to agree. I'm running it on an early 2008 (no, that's not a typo) MacBook Pro 15-inch, 6GB RAM. Runs nicely, fans are quiet.
Or just put down the tech and sit in zazen.   We need balance. 
Whatever tech is behind it, my iPhone 6's fingerprint sensor works quite literally 100% of the time. Apple nailed it. This is what I like to see. Shipping a finished, polished, working product.
Perfectly by the author. Innovators in this market must SHIP.
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