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Reality: No one actually gives a shit about #1-7. The iPad provides a superior user experience. Otherwise.... We have MacBooks to enjoy.
That's why we have laptops.MS never did get it, and they aren't getting it now. Which is why the surface is a disaster and their mobile strategy has barely any traction.Consumers want iPads.... not poorly designed frankentablets.
All of this makes the Surface even more pointless.
Samsung are puzzled about a lot of things . . .   Phone releases, Intellectual Property laws, marketing, etc. 
With timely OS updates too! Oh wait...
Horses and buggies were trolled the same way. Anyone know where I can get seat covers for my Datsun?
When it comes to design, Apple has nothing to worry about.
Read the article and prove that it's a "lie."Additionally, it doesn't take a great deal of effort to outsell Windows Phone and Blackberry; one being a pointless, redundant platform with barely any traction, and the other being in a state of sustained nosedive, respectively.This places it squarely against Android FLAGSHIP phones, and I can totally see an iOS device outselling them. Easily. It's what the 5 and 5s, and every other iPhone have done on a regular basis since...
Amazing what perspective can do . . .   Well done, DED. 
Did he KNOW about backups? Because on an iPhone, iCloud prompts you immediately upon setup.
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