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How will this affect my carrier data plan?   I assume that streaming is like any other form of data usage (that is, while on LTE, not wireless.)   I already "stream" YouTube music (videos that I listen to with phone in pocket) at the gym. It's not as carefully organized a method, but I often loop the same one or two songs. Beyond that, I usually enjoy my music collection on my Mac, rather than on my iPhone or iPad.    Other than that, I already own most of the music...
They are? Well then! I'm thunderstruck.
Not disagreeing here, just adding to your remarks.You can create content on an iPad. Not quite as deeply as with other tech, but I'm surprised at what one can do with it.
If folks are trashing the Apple Watch, imagine what future the competition has in this space. None.
That's fine. It's the only wearable everyone is talking about. + it's an Apple product. = Automatic win for the product.
  Great to read about your experiences.   :) Some of the Infinity levels were very well done, no doubt. I think part of the issue is simply the way memory works: I remember the first two being such-and-such simply because I played them the most, and by the time M3 was released I was all played out. I think it's time to revisit the series, though. I might just start with 3 and work my way back.    ;)
The America of 2015 actually legislating like it's 2015?   *faints*               Congratulations, folks. It's a little late, but progressive thinking carried the day.   :)
Very nice. It's good to see Apple in 2015 with a 2015 attitude on LGBT issues.
While I disagree with Apple's move here (though I'm not opposed to the flag's removal at large), the two things you're trying to relate aren't the same. At all.
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