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Exactly what I was thinking. I'm glad you articulated it.  I'm not much for gold, but the rose gold looks very good, in part because it does resemble copper a bit. 
The Surface is tractionless, unfortunately. All Apple had to do was do it a little better, smack their logo on it, and BOOM... Microsoft is pushed even further back into the Wndows/Office rehash corner.  It was inevitable, the moment Apple decided to do an iPad Pro. Apple is essentially pulling the rug out from under a duck that was already dead.  Microsoft doesn't even care about their devices. As a "services" company they've shifted to servicing the competition with...
He was referring playfully (and as a little reminder) to multi-touch, which Apple is famous for perfecting and bringing into the mainstream.
iPad Pro essentially deep-sixes the already tractionless Surface. And Microsoft is getting squarely behind this reality. iPhone 6s. A solid "s" version of the current iPhones. I'm a non-s buyer so I eagerly await the 7. Apple TV. Not interesting to me. Yet. But I can see how this will be a real force in its respective space. I might get in on it at some point.
So much for the Surface.    MS even showed up at the event to essentially prove it.    http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-makes-surprise-appearance-at-apple-event-to-talk-up-productivity-on-ipad-pro   Priceless.  
Social media dominates. Facebook still dominates social media. It's bigger than ever, in fact. Therefore, you don't even need to be told it ranks very, very high on the list to figure out that it ranks very, very high on the list. You might not like it personally, but it's part of iOS' strength (superiority, actually) as a platform for accessing and managing social media. And that's a big deal.
I'm saying the arguments *for* are specious and tiresome.  It won't delay any iPhone rollout any more than before. 
inb4 "Apple is in bed with the military-industrial complex" comments. Oh wait....
You're right, of course. Doesn't bode too well for other players in the industry looking to differentiate themselves. 
New Posts  All Forums: