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It looks stunning. 
System requirements?
 In fine form, sir.    XD
 You know what . . . I'm quite sure Apple knows *exactly* what they're doing. Not just "kinda", or "sorta", but EXACTLY - and to the effect that it's almost scary. This is the Apple of Tim Cook and Jony Ive. You really can't ask for a better. If Tim cook managed Apple only half as well as he's doing now, I'd *still* be impressed. I'd be far more worried about the perennial also-rans in this industry than Apple . . . the "well-run" organizations that *didn't* do a June 2007...
 "constant exodus"? Name names, pls.  If the last two quarters are an indication that Tim Cook is "dropping the ball", I hope it stays on the floor.  $$$$$ . . .  and from all the right products.
Apple and Google already ran away with this market. The only way MS can be relevant is if they change the game completely. Which just isn't - and never was - in their DNA. Nothing to really see here.
  Because it can run EVE Online. 
Who else is able to actually SELL 16 million tablets a quarter?
Are people still hung up on whether sexuality is a choice?? It's not. And some of us (from other parts of the world) GET that implicitly, and have moved way past it years ago. smh
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