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  Gil Amelio would never have allowed this. 
Eyewateringly impressive. Every year.
It's alright.   They'll all cave to Apple eventually. 
In the grand scheme of Apple's business, Bose means absolutely nothing. Replace it with something else and life goes on.
So what. Beats it is, then. Bose products are readily available elsewhere. Non-event.
So what.
 PDF Expert 5 is not free. 
SwiftKey does seem snappier.    It's really the only third-party keyboard that can pull me away from the well-designed stock keyboard. Credit where it's due, the latter is even better now with QuickType. 
Yes, shortly after it became available.
 I take a dim view of typical texting shorthand (e.g., "u", "ur", "pls", "thx", and so on), and SwiftKey seems to account for the next natural word (complex or not) without any trouble.  I'll note that it took all this time (from my first review to this one) for it to really learn my vocabulary, or rather, for it to approximate the next word with enough success that I felt reason to stick with it.  I'm actually quite impressed. The teething stage - for me, at least -...
New Posts  All Forums: