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Samsung are puzzled about a lot of things . . .   Phone releases, Intellectual Property laws, marketing, etc. 
With timely OS updates too! Oh wait...
Horses and buggies were trolled the same way. Anyone know where I can get seat covers for my Datsun?
When it comes to design, Apple has nothing to worry about.
Read the article and prove that it's a "lie."Additionally, it doesn't take a great deal of effort to outsell Windows Phone and Blackberry; one being a pointless, redundant platform with barely any traction, and the other being in a state of sustained nosedive, respectively.This places it squarely against Android FLAGSHIP phones, and I can totally see an iOS device outselling them. Easily. It's what the 5 and 5s, and every other iPhone have done on a regular basis since...
Amazing what perspective can do . . .   Well done, DED. 
Did he KNOW about backups? Because on an iPhone, iCloud prompts you immediately upon setup.
Some of the other phone purveyors would love to achieve the 5C's share.
This made my evening. Thank you. It just reads so well.
So what.   Record quarter just past, selling all the right things in terms of the market. 
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