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  My first time encountering a Juggernaut in Marathon 1.  I loved them all, but I've got a soft spot for the first one. And for all of Infinity's improvements, I still prefer Durandal. The writing and storytelling in the series was (and really, still is, with probably only a few exceptions) second to none.  Have you been here: http://marathon.bungie.org/story/ If you scroll down the left side you'll get to tour the levels of each game in the series. 
No thanks. Sticking with Tiger!
Nice username. Very apropos for this thread.
Speaking of NeXT....   (and remember, this was in 1992!)  
  I had me a 500 with a FULL MEG of RAM, from December 1990 to June 1994. It was a great four years.  I'm pretty sure I didn't truly take advantage of even half of what it could do. But hey... ProWrite, Rise of the Dragon, Zak McCracken, Civilization 1, and various instalments of the Leisure Suit Larry series did me just fine.    Amiga Workbench, though, wasn't that great. 
PowerMac 6100/60.   My very first Mac. July 1994. Was still rocking it until around May 2002.    And my beloved ClarisWorks on System 7 right up to Mac OS 8. I could do some crazy media-rich stuff with its draw/presentation module. Never failed to impress. 
Two things happened at the same time recently: Apple releasing their Watch Every other smartwatch on the market slipping to DOA status Until someone makes an *actual* direct competitor to the Apple Watch, it'll be the Apple Watch and then the also-rans.
Zen was (is) a form of dhyana (meditation-centric) Buddhism imported to China from India. Buddhism existed in China long before Zen was brought there. It's not a practice inidigenous to China. But it fit nicely because of syncretism with Taoist traditions.I know what you mean to say, I'm just being picky.
 The iOS UI is beautifully simplistic and transparent (as in, it melts away to the point where it doesn't call attention to itself.)  The focus has shifted with iOS 7, from the prominent diplay of UI elements, to the prominent display of your content.  When the emphasis is on content, UI design and elements will be toned down and rendered as simplistic as possible without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. The current iteration of iOS achieves this in spades. That...
Tim Cook's publicized stance on this is to simply emphasize Apple's ongoing commitment to Chinese consumers.    Apple's commitment to other consumers is no less, but China being the important market that it is, it's often prudent to make supportive public statements about same. That's all that's going on here.    It doesn't portend any radical, "Chinoiserie" changes to Apple gear. It's a statement of commitment and support, that, while obvious and already implied,...
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