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Apple will do to the watch industry what they did to phones. It's becoming clearer the more we hear about it.
Gonna help with configuration of my     air guitar. 
IT'S iOS ON A WATCH. That alone makes it a winner.
An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator, and an automated transportation device.   An iPod . . .  a phone . . .   ARE YOU GETTING IT?   These are not four separate devices.   This is ONE device. And we are calling it...     ?????    
"I'm not JUST the business... I AM the business."
A car, voice-controlled. Siri is involved. They're doing a June 2007. But this time it's not a phone. The ... AppleCart
All the mobile photo work that matters is being done with iPhones. And it's iPhone photos that are usually the best looking. Another example of Apple doing way, way more, with less.
And why shouldn't it drop?   We've already got iPads we're happy with. These aren't smartphones. There's no need to buy a new iPad every year.    Once we all have these devices with long shelf lives, sales will level off.    In the meantime what has Apple done?   They released the iPhone 6+. Less of a reason to get an iPad (though there are still reasons to get one), and more of a reason to just get a bigger phone with a great display. It's just a smaller iPad but...
New Posts  All Forums: