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I'll be completely honest with you guys. I was wrong about this. I shut predictive text off and went merrily on typing away as usual. But I kept playing around with SwiftKey. The SwiftKey keyboard inherently felt uncomfortable to me, and I really have to give Apple credit for designing a comfy keyboard with good key-spacing. But despite actually having felt ill at ease using SwiftKey - mostly because it felt *too* fast, too sensitive, and I kept missing a few keys - it is...
It appears no one really cares, from Joe User to the media.
I get the feeling that this isn't a problem that will really matter much or manifest to any significant degree during day-to-day use.    Nothing to see here, really.    Looking forward to picking up an iPhone 6 (the right size for me) in around a month. 
Alright, but is this actually a problem?
The more I see this watch, the better it looks.    It'll be a quality device, no doubt about it. 
 This is smart. I'll start doing this. 
Ah I see. Thank you.
 It's all controlled by the Shift key. Lower-case causes a *change* in the letterforms. Consistent letterforms make for easier recognition. All caps on the keys. They look the same, ALWAYS. Easier to recognize the targets quickly. I find it jarring to suddenly find all the letters are now lowercase, now uppercase, now back to lowercase, and so on. 
  What is your preferred method of Swyping? Thumbs? Index finger?  I might give it another chance. Still seems interesting, especially given that predictive text does absolutely nothing for me. 
For some reason I'm just not making out well with Predictive Text and these third-party keyboards. Predictive Text is an annoyance when you're *already* fast as hell. Your attention is drawn in two directions, slowing you down. It's rather jarring. I'm willing to spend more time with it, but it's just so much more comfy to type on the standard iOS keyboard with autocorrect. Frankly, the only improvement I really need is a smarter autocorrect.   Swyping feels gimmicky....
New Posts  All Forums: