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Apple is acting responsibly here. The "outcry" also shows just how important Apple Music is and how far-reaching it will be. We're about to see a massive sea-change in music streaming, driven by Apple.
Well this totally killed all the sensationalism.    The tempest in my teacup is now but a tiny torrent.
Plus? Surprised they didn't just go ahead and call it an iPhone at this point. The whole "edge" concept is amateurish. Different for its own sake (the worst reason.)
Nearly three million in around two months, during its introductory run. In terms of the industry at large, that's impressive (though the number is probably higher.) In terms of the smartwatch segment, it's an absolute bloodbath.
"Microsoft Research" (Lol!) "Demos" "Promises" Results over the last decade: Windows/Office rehashes Windows Vista and Windows 8 Office rehashes over web Gaming console things Failed mobile phone platform Another failed mobile phone platform Failed mp3/music platform Failed tablet platform that came shortly before their... Tractionless frankentablet platform Office mobile rehashes that work better on other platforms "Services" that work better on other platforms It's...
Bethesda understands the iOS consumer demographic. It's that simple.
I assume you made a lot ofdeposits.
Now that you mention hot metal, it's interesting how some typefaces survived (and didn't) the transition to digital print. Bembo, for example, didn't fare so well until Bembo Book was released, which recaptured a lot of its sparkle and chunky quality – it's strength on the page.  We're undergoing a similar transition in terms of type for the screen (now the web, rather than low-res displays.) While Verdana and Georgia remain the most meticulously hinted fonts ever made –...
Nope, not just you. Avenir and Avenir Next are classic choices. Based on that you should check out Proxima Nova as well. It's not free (as far as I know, though the webfont version is probably included as part of a fee), but it's been making big waves in digital typography for years now.This site uses it or something very similar for body text.I love digital and print typography. Typeface design can be a painstaking process. A lot of the very good ones are expensive, some...
I use the native OS X and iOS notes apps daily. Not much out there that trumps either of them in ease of use and convenience. Great to see them get some love.
New Posts  All Forums: