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Michael Scott couldn't have allowed this... because he would have fired everyone before anyone could have thought of it.
So unless I've got specific preferences, Pocket Casts it is, then.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
At this point it doesn't really matter. Another shitty movie that is only interesting due to the news generated around it. Hollywood is truly bankrupt creatively. There's nothing to recommend an assassination movie around the holidays in the first place. And quite frankly, in the grand perspective, what Sony did doesn't matter. They behaved with what they thought was corporate responsibility. It isn't their job to be courageous in this regard. Folks are just a little but...
Very well-deserved. Apple culture (and the culture Apple brings to their products) has flourished under Tim's leadership.
It sure beats an anecdote.
Don't count on Rogers or Bell in Canada doing this sort of thing anytime soon. 
Oh wow... this is beautiful.
That photo frightens me. 
Pretty sure we can afford to wait on this one.
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