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  Apple's been playing the game this way since the early days.    I have no no sympathy for competitors who can't keep up.
Apple patents whatever they possibly can (particularly in design), and have been doing it for years. Patenting is in their DNA. Others don't, aren't fast enough, or don't take the idea seriously.    This helps Apple release great products that often put their competitors to shame.    Competitors mess with Apple's IP because they didn't take seriously what Apple took *very* seriously.   Apple has a problem with competitors messing with their IP - often the...
  Good point, mine took some getting used to. I think I even switched to one of the other sizes that were included in the package. 
  It's big among tech nerds and Apple haters.    But it has little to no effect on sales of Apple gear. Consumers just keep wanting more of it. The bulk of the market is focused squarely on the product, not labour conditions. 
  Well, now that Apple's done it . . . and taken the heat *for everyone else*.   Lord only knows how long this has been going on with Samsung's partners, and has gone on with little to no media attention. 
    Please don't ruin my superstitions.  :(   I *always* have a great day when I put my pants on left-leg first.   ;)
    *jealousy* of Apple.     Because Apple's continued success, their cockiness, their daring, their belief in their own strategy in the face of opposition, their foresight, the way they humiliate their competitors and then teabag them in Consumer Satisfaction, their devotion to a closed ecosystem (!), their shrewdness, their obsession with detail and control, their devotion to making tech easy, usable, and less complex for Joe Average (read: can't tinker, sorry IT...
    WHEN WILL APPLE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!?   Won't Apple PLEASE think of the children??       That's how these things go these days . . .
    Apple gets all the glory in consumer tech - having revolutionized the entire segment several times over. Unfortunately (and naturally), they'll get not just the positive but also the negative coverage.    The only way Samsung (and a lot of others) can make any real headlines is if their story is somehow tied to Apple, often as a trailer to the main Apple story. 
  In a way I do understand the comparison, even for perspective's sake. Vista was a universally-licensed OS that was installed on a lot of systems. It's useful, I think, to see how an unlicensed OS that typically runs dedicatedly on machines costing over $1000 does against any universally-licensed OS - no matter how bad it is - that runs on everything. Out of the gate, even the worst version of Windows *will* get a running start thanks to sheer force of numbers. The...
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