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  Hehe . . .  ;)
    LOL alright. This *is* funny.  
Bottom line:   Apple released an app that doesn't work the way it's supposed to, but have marketed it to give the impression of the contrary, and on top of that, have taken away all means for the consumer to go back to what they had before.   I'm not sure in what galaxy the Apple I know would have found this acceptable.   And yes, I'll say it: Steve would never have let this thing see the light of day in its current state. This screw-up definitely calls for...
  I have to disagree here. The "don't worry, there are other solutions" seems like a massive cop-out, and a dangerous one. If that attitude persists, it could affect much more than a maps app. 
Apple's figuring out now (or learning, rather), that in this volatile market in 2012, OS map apps are serious business, and consumers won't tolerate losing key features on which they have come to rely. Apple would like a free pass, playing the "give it time" card. In my view, this time they shouldn't get one. 
Should have worked with Google (use some of that money pile) to keep Google Maps in iOS, until iOS Maps is developed to the degree that some of the more glaring issues are worked out. Apple should have done anything and everything to avoid this PR nightmare.   I wonder who at Apple thought it was ok to release this app in its current state.
  You can't call a core feature of the OS a beta. This is where Apple has put themselves between a rock and hard place.    They *had* to pass off their beta-ware maps app as a key feature that is a viable (and *allegedly* superior) replacement for Google Maps.    The app is clearly a beta effort, but hiding behind that label would make Apple lose even more credibility (in this area) than they already have. So now we all have to pretend everything is ok and that we're more...
At least Apple has taken note. I appreciate that, though it was expected, sooner or later.    Great. So now what? I wonder what Apple can or will do to actually "rectify" this in a meaningful way, and in what timeframe. It may take quite a while to fix a lot of these problems, in which case Apple's acknowledgement isn't of much use. Still nice to see they made a statement about it. 
Wait til they open Maps.       ;)   But beyond *that*, iOS is 6 is quite awesome. Put it this way, even with Apple's Map app being the way it is, I'm happy I upgraded. There's a lot in iOS 6 to love. 
  This is complete bullshit. A complaint coming from *me* is one thing. As a concerned Apple user, I can also appreciate *everything else* I'm getting. This is ONE app - yes, an important one, but the iOS ecosystem is mature and deep. Outside of this ONE app, Apple SPOILS their users. the consumer satisfaction ratings are really all you need to look at to make this abundantly clear. All their major products are #1 year after year, often by a wide margin. Apple sets the...
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