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    The web version for mobile devices is hardly as good as the actual app. That is not a solution. 
  But they've *already* had all that time in development.    Why are we being asked to wait for something we already had?   Apple could have at least made their Map app as an App Store offering, with a *Beta* disclaimer somewhere, until it was ready. OR NOT RELEASE IT AT ALL UNTIL IT WAS PERFECT.
  I'll have to agree with this.    Yes, I can *see* some of the great directions in which iOS Maps will go, but I feel as if we're forced to wait for something that we already had.   The problem is, that iOS users came to rely on a particular Google App on iOS.    ;) And I don't think Apple really appreciated the degree to which this was a reality. 
In my area it's ok, but in general it feels like a step backward. The turn-by-turn features are very welcome, but somehow I get the feeling that Apple released this too early.    Who knows, I might warm up to it.   *shrugs*         Something I wouldn't mind seeing. 
    The problem's gone now.            I do. And the worst problem I've ever had with a Zero release is already resolved. 
    Thank you. And that answers (to a degree) my question above. 
  I agree, it's a little strange.    I wonder if anyone can give any explanation about this particular query, why it's done the way it is, etc.
    Good.   So as Japm said, it was this page here that was the culprit:   http://www.apple.com/library/test/success.html
    Fair enough, but the average user (and I'd say I'm a bit above the average) wouldn't immediately know this.    Having this sort of issue would send people into a bit of a panic. For a little while there, my iPad 2 was essentially a brick.
Possible fix (worked for me):   Go To: Settings>Wi-Fi>("Your Network")> [the blue circle arrow icon] Scroll to bottom of screen and set HTTP Proxy to Auto     EDIT:   LOL, ok . . . now it works *without* that. I just turned that setting back to OFF, and it works.
New Posts  All Forums: