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But Android . . . winning . . . etc.    ?
This was to be expected. Apple obviously intends to keep bringing the heat. This is, after all, thermonuclear war.   :)
Apple strategy moving forward: Just double the rate of patent filings.    Apple's been patenting whatever they possibly could since Day 1. Just keep doing that full force, appeal what you can, and move forward. Money buys opportunity: both to patent, and to challenge invalidations. 
But . . . isn't Android supposed to be "winning"?
I'll wait until there actually *is* a problem until I'll start wondering about Apple's strategy. I've got no reason yet. Because they usually know better than everyone else. And you don't necessarily see that immediately until you see the results months later.    This is Apple. Not HP. Not HTC. Not Dell. And *certainly not* Nokia. Apple approaches consumer tech from an entirely different place. 
Android poised to "take over the smartphone market," analyst says    Not buying this prediction.
  Say goodbye to everything that makes iOS worth having. 
Following the iPod (Nano) tradition?   Not sure how well that would translate. But just maybe . . .
Ok. Good.    Not much else to say. 
    Android has had majority share for a long time now. This is nothing new. Apple runs a closed OS that runs on a limited number of devices (with good reason.) Yet iOS constantly pistol-whips Android in consumer satisfaction. EVERY YEAR. Why is that? Why are iOS devices consistently best-sellers? Why does it take an ocean of flotsam and jetsam from Android OEMs to equal the success of a mere 2-3 iPhone models? Why does iOS constantly lead Android in actual web...
New Posts  All Forums: