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  Joe Consumer doesn't know. Mainstream media will pick it up. Tech sites already had it covered. The bulk of the market doesn't visit tech sites.    Every year there are rumours. And every year the iPhone dominates the headlines, regardless. It all comes down to product and ecosystem strength. That alone does plenty of marketing for Apple. The products largely speak for themselves. 
Apparently both events were hugely anticlimactic. Which wouldn't be surprising in the least.   Those new Moto phones look like ass, by the way. 
Well, at least we know Google didn't buy Moto for their designs. 
Apple's Mac business model is sustainable, and is in fact the smartest in the industry.Nokia's is not.And both markets are entirely different to begin with. Apple rules the $1000+ PC segment. Nokia rules the segment that companies do typically before they fold.
If it's got to do with the functionality of an Apple product, it'll sell. 
They keep releasing products no one is buying. 
  Most consumers *still* don't know what a "Windows Phone" is. And it's been two years, and a ton of money sunk into Nokia/MS marketing efforts already.    I don't see anyone riding "Apple fever" and benefiting from it aside from Apple. 
So did anyone watch the Nokia event?  Was it even worth it?  Snoozer?
    ;)   Just the way things are these days . . .
  Macs set the bar in the industry.    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to play in the Apple ecosystem via a Mac.    Constraints: Price. No licensing to OEMs.   Result:      8 years...
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