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Windows 8. Surface. Etc.   But wouldn't it make more sense to rid of Ballmer? 
None of this really matters.    DOA   The reality:   http://www.neowin.net/news/steve-ballmer-first-surface-sales-are-modest-hypes-windows-8-pro-version   The back-pedalling:   http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-ballmers-modest-surface-quote-meant-approach-not-sales
The test for jury misconduct is very specific, and usually very difficult to meet. Samsung's allegations don't even come close. 
Which would render the Surface even more pointless.
Appeal it like they did with Mirror Worlds.
    You're delusional.    Apple dominates customer satisfaction with all of their products, often by a wide margin, and for years and years now. Every single iPhone and iPad that has ever existed, for example - EVERY SINGLE ONE, has ruled customer satisfaction with an iron fist.    Just now, Apple was able to sell 3 million iPads in THREE DAYS.    Happy with Apple gear? No. Consumers aren't just happy. THEY ARE ADDICTED. And they keep wanting more.
The evidence is beginning to pile up. 
"No Retina Display" is not a deal-breaker.   Why?   Because iPad Mini build quality + iOS = Apple user experience. Which = the Gold Standard in the industry.    You can put iOS on potato and it's suddenly the "Starch era." 
Well, change is inevitable.    *shrugs*
  The change will not be any time soon, as stated.    And by the time it *does* happen, whatever Apple chooses WILL be powerful enough. Apple isn't stupid, LOL. They understand the market better than anyone.    As for running Windows. Who cares?  
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