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LOL we have these conversations every year. And the results is the same every year.    If people are looking for Apple to drop the ball, this iPhone 5 *still* aint it. You'll have to go fishing elsewhere. 
  You aren't. It's tech-site goers that are in the minority (especially the big Apple-critics on tech sites, and they don't even know it.)
Apple knows they shouldn't mess too much with a good thing.    All it needs are improvements here and there. That's what the iPhone 5 brings. Improvements in all the right places. iOS is already as refined as any mobile OS could get. Nothing comes close to it in terms of User Experience.    Here's the "stale" iPhone:         http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57398726-37/iphone-again-scores-top-spot-at-customer-satisfaction/   Most...
  iPhone 4 and 4S have led the way in customer satisfaction. This is documented.  Most consumers thought the design was beautiful. 
  Except that the vast majority of points commonly pulled out against Apple, usually aren't.    The facts tend to have a pro-Apple bias. Just the way things are these days. 
The iPhone 5 unveiling has already hit the mainstream news outlets, complete with reactions.    It's an understatement to say the reaction was very favourable.    This will be HUGE. 
We see the same comments shortly after every release. Especially after the iPhone 4S.    Then we see "Apple sells x-million during first weekend."   Then we see:   "I knew it" "Not surprising" "It really is a great device" "I love mine, it's awesome" "beat that (insert name of Android OEM du jour)!"   And so on. 
  Do you seriously expect Apple to revolutionize the space with *every* release.    The WOW factor is that it's the most unmatched marriage of hardware and software. And the phone's build quality is first-rate. And it runs iOS 6 (you can't seriously call Android an evolved interface), and it's better than the iPhone 4S. 
Apple follows the naming scheme (obviously), not the physical number of iPhones released.    I thought this would have at least been obvious by the time the iPhone 4 was released. 
New Posts  All Forums: