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  Except MS aint Apple    (you can tell by the software.)   They don't talk like Apple   They don't walk like Apple   They don't think like Apple   Smart money sides with the Apple first-gen product, not with a dollar late and a dollar short knockoff device that tries to compete using bad software and a kickstand.             In *this* market, they do. Especially with Google around. There is no beating Google in the universal licensing dept. Microsoft's one and only trump...
  'cept for juries.   ;)   A jury of one's peers seems to know what's up pretty quick. 
    How are their resources doing with consumers not giving a flying f about Windows Phone?   Their resources sure made the Zune a hit, right?
Removed the optical drive?   About damn time. 
OF COURSE it's a big fat letdown. Microsoft's entire computing strategy for the past decade, their mobile music strategy, and their entire mobile strategy at large, has been a letdown, in all its bloated, flatlined stock entirety.    Wanna know why?   Because the clowns that are running MS today . . . are more or less THE SAME clowns who ran MS years ago.    What massive, revolutionary sea-change can people actually, reasonably, expect from such a...
  Apple leads in consumer satisfaction in every category, often by a very wide margin.    Why should we assume that will change with the iPad Mini experience?   Apple is doing to the iPad what they did to the iPod: create an entire family of devices around a platform. 
    Just remember to NOT ask Amazon.
    This is called a "defense"?   Sounds more like a statement. A generic Apple statement. The kind Apple usually makes.    Seems the only problem here is AI's misleading headline. 
  Why?   Apple and anyone else can charge what the market can bear. Apple charges what they think their product is worth. It can be $3 or $3000. NO ONE is forced to pay either amount.    Consumers have the choice to NOT pay and choose something else. If they DO buy the product in respectable numbers, then the asking price is vindicated. 
    Yes, really.    This in no way means Judge Koh will actually overrule the jury. This is more useful for Samsung's ongoing appeal.   So yes, Apple won. Not only in court, but according to the opinion of the average consumer (jury.)   Apple also has the option of challenging the USPTO's decision.    Futhermore:      
New Posts  All Forums: