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Good.    I think we're due for a little bone thrown our way.  ;)
    Good eye.  ;)
  I don't use a case. I've got a Sena leather sleeve. When the phone is in use or just on display, it's either in my hands or on top of the sleeve. But that's neither here nor there.    The iPhone has *always* used materials that prefer gentler handling. Always. And consumers have been more than ok with this. 
  The iPhone, as has always been the case, is not something you can just throw around. They have always been durable, but care needs to be taken to ensure that they don't scratch or scuff, if the owner happens to consider that an issue.    Once again, the iPhone is made out of beautiful materials that - surprise surprise - don't take well to a lot of friction.    Apple is ensuring that they get shipped out in an aesthetically pristine condition.    If workers can't handle...
Too late, MS.   It was *already* too late when you launched WP7 two years ago. 
Where would this industry be today without Steve Jobs?   DOS 22.0
    Except an iPad mini would be the competition's worst nightmare in the tablet space.
K.   *yawn*
And Google Maps web app will *still* suck hard on mobile.    Hell, that web app makes iOS Maps look awesome. 
Dear Microsoft:   "Cool" and "hip" (read: culturally relevant) have to do with a company's "culture", that is, their philosophy about how everyday *people* are supposed to relate to technology. The philosophy permeates and is reflected in every aspect of the company's operations and products.     That's the "culture" that is behind and in such a company's products.    You never really had any. And what you *do* have is overwhelmingly negative. And you can't...
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