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  LOL there would probably be riots. I remember either a Chinese or Taiwnanese official a few months ago remarking that, hypothetically, a ban on apple gear would not sit well at all with consumers in that country (tongue-in-cheek.)
  Dumb judge shot himself in the foot with that statement.    Apple got his number on it, and he took it very personally. Because Apple made him look like the FOOL that he is.    Apple wins, in any case. 
It's not just about "rugged."   It's about build quality in general, and iOS vs. Android on tablets specifically.    Guess which provides the Platinum user experience?
Apple's got another blockbuster on their hands. But anything to do with more iPad goodness is going to sell in a big way anyway. 
  You don't need to be a judge to recognize absurdity. 
Apple complied with the order in full.    Judge got antsy when he found that Apple was more clever than initially suspected.   LOL is all that can be said. 
    They'll sell boatloads of them. Like they do with all their mobile products. Wait for the numbers after a month on the shelves. Actually, Apple might announce big iPad Mini numbers even sooner than that.
    It's junk. It looks like junk and feels like it.    Microsoft/Nokia keeps announcing new phones as part of a smartphone platform in which no one is really interested.
Because Nokia is a sinking ship that can't get its shit together and/or because MS *loves* shafting their partners.    Pick your poison. 
New Posts  All Forums: