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Not good. At all.            I don't like Google any more than the next person around here. But Apple has had Google Maps on iOS from the very start. They *need* to take that into account before they go ahead and f with it. 
    Yes and no.   Maps is something that consumers used and need to use and often need to use *right now*.    After using Google Maps for all this time, there can be no room for error.    Will it make me go Android? Of course not. Android as a platform, in totality, doesn't compare. But has Apple frustrated users needlessly (enough to make the headlines)? Yes.    Frankly, I don't give a sweet shit what agreement was between Apple and Google. Apple had months (if not...
  I think we deserve better than a "first effort" Maps App, after we've spent all this time on iOS, often for years now, using a polished, mature Maps product.   Now, that's been taken away, and we're essentially expected to sit on our asses and *wait* for Apple to fix and improve it.    The problem here is that it's a Maps app. A key app. This stuff is *important* for the bulk of the market. The entire idea, in principle, can't be treated like some productivity app being...
And here's the kicker: I don't even get 3D Flyover on my iPhone 4. And this is a MAPS APP (really important to have.)   So there goes iOS Maps' key feature for me (and plenty of others as well.)  Google Maps . . . Street View worked beautifully.    Take note, that this isn't some app that lost a key feature. Yeah, I don't get to use Siri. No panorama photos. I can live with that. But a Maps App is supposed to be a key platform app. And it's gimped for god only...
Steve: "What is this thing supposed to do?"   *half-hearted mumbling*   Steve: "Then why the F*** doesn't it do that???"   *Pink slips appear with the strength of a thousand suns*
    I'd like to see some verification of this. 
    Do note, that we're just complaining about ONE app, and it's not a deal-breaker.    There are competitors out there who can barely get an entire platform off the ground never mind, mess up just one app.   It just goes to show how Apple spoils their users in every other way.    I'm pissed about the Map app, sure, but iOS is *so* good that I can live with it. 
    The web version for mobile devices is hardly as good as the actual app. That is not a solution. 
  But they've *already* had all that time in development.    Why are we being asked to wait for something we already had?   Apple could have at least made their Map app as an App Store offering, with a *Beta* disclaimer somewhere, until it was ready. OR NOT RELEASE IT AT ALL UNTIL IT WAS PERFECT.
  I'll have to agree with this.    Yes, I can *see* some of the great directions in which iOS Maps will go, but I feel as if we're forced to wait for something that we already had.   The problem is, that iOS users came to rely on a particular Google App on iOS.    ;) And I don't think Apple really appreciated the degree to which this was a reality. 
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