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  So what. 
  Fixed.   You can carry on with your trolling now. 
I think the custom at Apple is to not advertise a standalone-OS, so much as to advertise a Mac. A Mac as a single experience. It isn't about "getting OS X Mountain Lion." It's about "Getting a Mac."   This is one way of doing it. Adoption of new versions of OS X happen more or less in proportion to new Mac sales. 
  Did you *really* think Jobs meant to spend every last dollar on litigation? Apple's litigation costs are a fraction of fraction of their profit, never mind revenue.    Jobs meant he was *serious*. And Tim is carrying that through. What you're seeing now (Samsung included) *is* "thermonuclear" war on Android. And Apple is spending whatever money it takes.    Good thing you didn't think he meant dropping an actual bomb on Google HQ from a B-2. Though I wouldn't have put...
  The problem is that your comment was in incredibly poor taste. It has nothing to do with fanboyism.    Now you're just trying to justify it because you've been called out on it and you know it was wrong.     Lame. 
    Google holding up under a legal IP microscope is also . . . unrealistic. 
  In a world in which someone actually thought that tablet-thingy from Space Odyssey: 2001 counts as prior art . . . I'm not surprised. 
Apple setting out their terms.    "We *won't* sue you into oblivion if you meet the following conditions . . ."
  It's purely sour-grapes + revenge. Going after Apple over LTE?   Translation: "we lost on all counts that actually affect our product in ways that are meaningful to the consumer, so now we'll just go after Apple on wireless tech."
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