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Quite the metaphor for the company as a whole.
Not looking good.    http://www.neowin.net/news/comscore-microsofts-us-mobile-phone-market-share-has-dropped   The explanation is simple. Consumers have no interest in Windows Phone. They never did. Windows Phone brought nothing overly compelling to the market when it was introduced, and *still* brings nothing overly compelling to the table.    Post iPhone, if your newbie platform can't turn the industry on its head, it won't make much of an impact. 
Does Elop really think that the iPhone's colour selection has *ever* been a problem?   This is a phone for which consumers actually line up. Aggressively.    A phone that at most, comes in 3 models, and two colours.    The result? Worldwide frenzy.
Desperation from a nearly dead company. Because nobody wants the shit Nokia is peddling. For nearly TWO full years now. 
  Not that that'll do much anyway.    Apple tops consumer satisfaction reports year after year. Every iPhone that has ever existed, has dominated consumer satisfaction utterly. 
  It happens, and was probably expected in this case. Business is a dirty game. Jobs was establishing the pecking order on his home turf. 
  Really, really, REALLY, gonna miss Jobs. The industry needs more of THAT man. Imagine what would be possible. 
But wasn't she supposed to be paid off by Apple?
  Because the media have drawn attention to it. And now all of a sudden, everyone has this "problem." 
K. Not much point to the service beyond what Apple bought it for.    I wasn't a fan of the new App Store layout, but it's grown on me.    It's surprising (or not.) Most of the things that *at first* irritated me with iOS 6, don't anymore. 
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