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I love Path and use it daily as my primary social app.  It is the only ad-free, private, social network that I know of.  Plus it's got a great simplistic design that's easy and fun to use that has only gotten better over time.  It will be a big loss if something as special as Path goes away.   Here's hoping, if this rumor is true that Apple won't completely dismantle Path or change it so much that it's unrecognizable.
I've never gotten into the Angry Birds games, but it's great to have a female protagonist. Sad though that they chose such a stereotypical way to portray her (pink with large eyelashes). Ugh! At least they didn't give her lip(beak)stick and/or a bow on her head. 
This seems like an EXCELLENT appointment.  In the video posted above she seems confident, passionate and knowledgeable.  Looking forward to exciting things coming to Apple Stores soon.   Way to go!
I'm not a fan of a slimmer frame on the full-sized iPad, but as long as it's 64 bit and has Touch ID I'm on board.  Adding a keyboard to the Smart Cover a-la the Microsoft Surface, could be great if they've found a way to improve on what's already been done.
For you. For me, Apple's iCloud Keychain seems like the perfect solution. 1Passwsord hasn't been a very good experience for me (I have the Mac version). I never bought the iOS version since the Mac one wasn't something I really cared for (plus the second fee really teed me off) and hence I only have a small subset of my passwords in iPassword.  Passwords for sites that I specifically will only visit from my Mac.  It works, but it's limiting.  With iCloud Keychain I'll have...
I Like how this review doesn't mention that after you spend your $40 on 1 Password for your Mac and got it all set up and ready for transferring to your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone you realize you need a separate app for iDevices.  An iDevice app that costs $17.99. That's a total of $589 to have secure passwords across your devices.  Yes, it's a small fee compared to if your bank account was hacked but Apple's solution is FREE and does almost everything this one does.
First Apple killed iCards and now this.  What do they have against people sending cards to each other??   Similar to iCards, I used this app often and loved it.  Creating the cards was fun and easy and my recipients were always very impressed with cards they received.  A few of my recipients even started using the app as a result. But now it's all been unceremoniously discontinued.  Major bummer.   If iPhoto for iOS gets a greeting cards feature added I may try it, but...
The thing is Nintendo isn't expecting the 2DS to sell 100 million devices.  It's meant as a supplement to their hugely successful 3DS platform.  It doesn't replace anything.  Just like the Game Boy micro didn't replace the Game Boy Advance, or like the Wii mini didn't replace the Wii.   One other thing.  People have been saying Nintendo is doomed and it's days are numbered since the Nintendo 64 in 1996.  That's 17 years of predicting doom and yet Nintendo is still...
Well keep wishing.  They've stated numerous times that they will never port their games to other systems.  That includes iOS and Android.  Their IP is some of (if not the) strongest in the industry.  Only the most dire of situations would get them to consider porting them and they are far, far away from a dire situation.  Like Apple they are sitting a mountain of cash and could stay afloat even if their next three or four consoles failed in a most spectacular fashion....
You need to watch the video again.  The circle pad and buttons are directly across from each other.  Almost exactly as they are on the 3DS.  In fact, the circle and D pad are more cockeyed on the 3DS.  Funny how that's hasn't hindered the system in any way.   Check out this video from Joystiq to see people playing it.  Looks like it's pretty comfortable to me.  The announcer sure is annoying though.
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